On the couch with Kati | Feat. TomSka! Depression & Treatment weight gain side effects

Video that we made on Tom's channel:
TomSka comes on my couch (or instead of a bed) to talk about her experience with mental health! He shares with us the sad event he feels that triggered his depressive episode and that is why he is diagnosed as a serious depressive. We also talk about medications and their way to find what works best with your symptoms and body. Finally, he tells us how he implemented a color-coded security plan to keep his friends up to date on how he is doing.

MANY THANKS to Tom for sitting with me and talking about this. I hope this will help you better understand the therapy and medication process, and also be a good reminder that you are NOT alone. xox

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Video credits to Kati Morton YouTube channel

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    On the couch with Kati | Feat. TomSka! Depression & Treatment weight gain side effects

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    1. Men have a high suicide rate because they are more likely to be violent. Women are 2 to 4 times MORE likely to attempt suicide than men, because society is set out to make life much harder for women. It's just that men are more likely to die because they use very violent methods as opposed to overdose etc. Men do need to work amongst themselves to figure out a way to express their feelings better because we all know patriarchy is toxic but they do not struggle more than women.

    2. I refuse to take any meds because of weight gain. I've lost jobs and three marriages because I'm more afraid of weight gain than I am of ruining my life. If they would give me all the ritalin I can eat to combat the weight, then I would stick with meds but until they do that I remain unable to function.

    3. professional help is making people fat and still depressed, doesnt treat the cause, just the symptoms

    4. 2:31 Same! xD First appointment with the Psychiatrist I was like "LOL I'm fine now, I'm not depressed anymore", and then a couple of days later he came into a meeting with my social worker where I was legit rocking backwards and forwards in the corner having a mental breakdown (an actual legit mental breakdown)! Despite how nonchalantly I'm describing this, I'm not exaggerating; that ACTUALLY happened!

      On the bright side, I'm fine now (I mean I've been abruptly pulled off my anti-depressants because of medical complications (fuck you ITP), so hopefully I won't fall too hard down the pit of depression, but I seem to be ok so far?)! xD

    5. lol I feel the same way. I put on this act that I'm okay when I'm in therapy because that's what I've had to do for so long. it's so hard to open up!!

    6. I don't know if I'm depressed… I did talk to my doctor once about a year ago, and it felt as if he just brushed me off, so I'm not diagnosed with anything… The problem is that I don't know if I'm feeling sad… mostly I just feel nothing… Nothing at all… I eat about once maybe twice a day, sometimes I just eat a bag of chips at once in the middle of the day and that's it… The past week I've been sleeping about 10 hours every 2 days… It's like I can't fall asleep unless I'm at the brink of exhaustion…. I have plans for the future but not the motivation to do anything to work towards it…. Oh yea and I only have about 5 friends, none of which I see in person, only via skype or facebook…
      It all boils down to the thought that why live, when you have to die at some point anyway….
      But yea…

    7. I know this is Kati's work, but she's such a good listener and great at keeping a conversation comfortable even though it's not a always a comfortable subject to talk about. πŸ‘Œ

    8. The whole weight gain side effect has really taken a toll on my life. Although I dont get made fun of for my weight, I did manage to end up putting 40 pounds over the course of 5 months because of my depression and stress eating. I would be depressed so badly sometimes I would even have nightmares about the devil and feeling like hes talking to me on a spiritual level and telling me to commit suicide and come down to him but I never have. Also I have a question. Would you consider it really bad that im 14 and 200lb with pretty horrible depression, and would you reccomend me getting some kind of medication?

    9. What a trooper!!! Massive respect for this guy……I love the crisis code thing, super helpful for people that struggle to verbally express themselves πŸ™‚

    10. I'm actually depressed, and thank you Kati, and Tom, I watch both of you and have, and this helped! πŸ˜€

    11. my laptop is also fixed i was using my broken for the last few days but luckily my laptop was covered and fixed for free

      with that money i spent to fix my swarvoskis 2 got fixed for 50 dollars and it used to be that they would be 150 bucks each

      either new management doesnt know what they are doing or changed the prices for peoples who are SCS members

    12. i like just being gothic works so much better

      thx for this awesomely ha bisky vlog i loved this a lot and this reminds me of LKs podcast with him talking about his depression and he has a physical illness now as well

    13. Love both of you guys! Thanks so much for both the videos! Code red today, so thanks for cheering me up a bit

    14. Thank you that was great video! The one thing that bugs me is that in the psychiatric field they can never leave the name of something alone, for instance, I was depressed, then clinically depressed, now its called major depressive disorder. Also, I was diagnosed agoraphobic now its generalized anxiety disorder. Is there more money in the diagnosis if it has more syllables? heh

    15. I've been on both citalapram and venaflaxine. Never had any bad side affects to either just drowsiness with the venaflaxine

    16. i'm a new subscriber, and i met you at playlist dc! i really like your videos, very interesting and informative. πŸ™‚

    17. Does anyone have any experience about this Amara website that she recommends for subtitling videos?

      I applied for a job there and they interviewed me. Now they want payment information. Is it safe?

    18. both of your videos were really good! πŸ™‚ You had a great report together. And very interesting.

    19. Katie, please talk about Paranoid Personality disorder & how it differs from Paranoia. I am in a relationship with and EXPECTING A CHILD from someone who I seriously suspect suffers from PPD & it's leading us to a breaking point in the relationship. Especially for me. Please help Katie, I've searched YouTube & couldn't find nothing truly helpful! The sooner the better, this is so important to me right now. My child's future depends on it because the father is in a different country & whether or not we are together will decide if my child will be able to grow up around his father or not. I don't know what to do.

    20. I'm very good at humour but hopeless at self-help. But the thing is, while I may come out with funny stuff, it is all spontaneous, and I think it probably – if I was somehow able to analyze it? πŸ˜› – actually says a lot about myself. I leave some examples (from today :P): –

      "My scary teddy bear Craig loved it – he is your biggest fan (trouble is, he gets so excited he poops all over the floor – it's okay though… when he's calmed down he'll just eats it up again)"

      "That's terrible… it's like The Arch of the Covenant being opened during a pastiche performance by The Osmonds at an MTV music awards hosted by David Hasslehoff."

      "Her singing sounds like an evil baby spinning in a gyroscope screaming through the air while the Swamp finally gets a joke from 20 years ago and laughs so hard he nearly dies (even though the joke isn't all that funny?)"

      "That would be like only ever experiencing your life through commercial youtube vlog videos playing on a device attached to Miley Cyrus's slowly twerking butt with Tom Cruise as a replacement for your genitals giving running commentary while both Matt Damon and Leonardo DeCaprio lick your ears and whisper sweet nothings to you."

      "That seems about as pointless and awful as the Pit of Sarlac (from the Return of the Jedi) projectile vomiting a skyscaper's worth of puke during a 'can you eat the worlds strongest chilli?' contest for a prize of just 20 bucks"

      Apparently, according to simple on-line tests I have General Anxiety Disorder, a bit of Borderline Personality Disorder, Dysmythia type depression and gender dysphoria and a relatively higher suicide risk.

      I went to the lengths of typing everything up (seriously) for both a psychiatrist and a counsellor (as well as friends and family) to read, but it just feels like doing that was a waste of time as it always seems about unproductive conversations instead rather than people taking the time to read something and give feedback… really it comes down to legalities with the kind of help I need – so it's really frustrating when professionals insist on aural statements over written ones that I can slip up on and get subjected to semantic criticism. Anyway. It feels a bit of a joke.

    21. He's lucky he's never been suicidal. I noted his color codes did not include a color for good.

    22. as someone w major depression and other mental illnesses who was really inspired by both tomska and eddsworld, this is so cool to see you guys doing a video together! it's really neat and i liked it a lot c:

    23. Can you talk about that (idk the right words so am explaining lol):
      Like you're actually very depressed but still doubt your self, like "nahh am good ;)" but then still seek help and when you get it then you're like "am fine, why am I here?"
      it's so frustrating. I can't believe my self anymore and am sacred of "what if am actually not depressed", "maybe it's not real", "maybe it's not as bad as I thought it is and am overdramatic??"
      am really angry tbh and feel like I have no control xD

    24. I'm shocked that you both find it's easier to talk to a camera than a person. A person's a mirror, he or she can see things you can't, I value their criticism. I tend to freeze near cameras as well as loose focus, being more concerned about how I look.

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