November Patreon Q+A (Trauma, Fighting Depression, Bad Habits)

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    November Patreon Q+A (Trauma, Fighting Depression, Bad Habits)

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    1. 17:45 LMMFAO omg what's happening here? 😂😂😂 I can't stop laughing at this hahahaha. Omg soooooooooo many Scott's talking at once HELP AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      P.S. lol…… Do music reactions on a separate channel…… Call it, Viva La Bumba….. Or something.
      Keep this Mental Health baby. 👍👍👍

    2. Hi Scott,m new at your channel,your reactions to music is priceless.since m in a bout of exploring music myself, I'd like you to react to the song zindagi do pal will be surprised with the mix of classical and contemporary instruments of the popular indian music.

    3. Hi Scott, I’m Ignacio from Bolivia
      please, you have to listen this song, it's amazing! is another of Zoe, if you noticed, the music of zoe and Leon Larregui are better listening live, some songs are not so easy to find the taste the first time, and need to spend more time, I will suggest more songs
      This is a song that Leon Larregui wrote for his mother, she was on her deathbed, the translated letter is:

      In the lighthouse of your love,
      in the bosom of your skin,
      I let myself be carried to the sun.
      It's because there's no one like you
      who makes me feel this way,
      in a stars' lullaby.

      I tell you from the soul
      and with an open heart.

      In a tundra of light,
      stripped of pain
      we find each other again,
      at the end of infinity,
      between purple rivers,
      returning to the source.

      In the lighthouse of your love,
      in the bosom of your skin,
      I let myself be carried to the sun.
      At the end of infinity,
      between purple rivers,
      we find each other again.

      You are my eternal love,
      my guardian angel,
      I tell you from the soul
      and with an open heart.

      Between your wings I slept
      and in your compassionate gaze I grew.
      You always trusted in all that I dreamed,
      you cared for me and guided me here.

      I tell you from the soul
      and with an open heart
      you're my eternal love
      my guardian angel.

      I tell you from the soul
      María full of grace

    4. Good video 🤣 👍 you would always be safe, in complete control of your own life, if you were to remain within the protected boundaries of your reason. But having been tricked, tempted and aggravated away from its center, your soul has lost its way and does not know how to come home again. Wondering around in a thinking and feeling world, your spirit becomes more confused, more subject to deception, simply because you have lost the way to see clearly. 

      Your present sensitivity to pressure continues to grow in direct proportion to the degree of your being lost in your thoughts, the consequence for having originally doubted yourself. Remember, every emotional upset in your life traces back to some obvious or subtle distortion of beliefs through your emotional overreactions. However, if from now on you will confront any degrading lie for what it is, with Godly patience, then you get to doubt that lie.

      The key to faith is not what you think, rather, it is a special moment, where doubting the lie frees you to believe the truth again. Do you know why doubting the lie is the same as believing the truth? It is because originally, doubting the truth became your compulsive faith in lies.

      With a little help from your Savior, you simply reverse the process — and begin to believe again.    

      With your ego once again centered in the light, expressing native wisdom and goodness, you will become progressively less subject to dehumanizing pressures. Therefore, if you are presently upset, over-reactive, nervous, fearful, and guilty, take it as a sign that you have lost your way. Somewhere down the line, you have responded to, and are acting out other people’s wills. Your resentment and impatience bears witness to the bondage of your wrong allegiance. 

      Surely, you have observed the vicious cycle. Something upsets you changing the way you think and feel. You feel doomed, damned, depressed and obligated to go along even when you know it is wrong. You can no longer control your thoughts, and your health suffers.

      You develop headaches and other assorted aches and pains. You take it out on your family until they are more miserable than you are. You try to forget what is happening to you, but you cannot. You react in extremes; you cannot sleep, or sleep too much. You lose your appetite completely, or eat everything in sight.

      Prevention is the cure; keep the pressure from getting under your skin by remaining calm at the point of stress. If you could do that, you will become impervious to life’s penetrations and never fall prey to morbid states of mind or project them onto your loved ones. Depression will fade into the darkness as the light dawns. 

      You give people that power to hurt you by overreacting to them.

    5. Hello!
      I'm very happy to have found this channel, it's beautiful, I'm from Mexico, I love your content, especially when you listen to Mexican songs and make your reaction, hopefully one day you'll come to Mexico.
      I really love your content, keep it up, I hope your channel grows much more.
      Greetings. This was done with google translate haha
      Good nigth scott 😀

    6. Scott you most listen to "llorando" is one song of the soundtrack of muhollanddrive is only the voice of a woman!

    7. I can't believe someone from Mexico gave you 700 pesos, thats like 10 days of work for normal people hahaha

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