Nightcore – let me die (Lyrics) [lil happy lil sad]

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✔ Artist: Lil happy sad lil
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✔ Name: let me die
✔ Genre: Alternative Rock

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    Nightcore – let me die (Lyrics) [lil happy lil sad]

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    1. ………….. How did this get that many views! Also I am officially 100% depressed now.

    2. My story:

      My mom everyday hits me for no reason and then after 1 hour she’s the nicest person in earth
      I love her but can’t help it
      Idk how to tell
      I get angry fast it’s not my problem can’t I be me at home
      I love my dad but he always stands up for my bro even if he’s wrong but sometimes he makes me feel alive

      These are the words that I hear everyday
      Bad:Useless,Bastard,Asshole,Stupid,ur soo black why aren’t u like us ,u suck

      Good ones:Wow,No ur good,Nice

      Thank u mom and dad I love u even if u will let me die in depression I will never forget all the good things u did to me🖤🖤🚶🏽‍♀️😔
      Edit:I always cry in my pillow but I always smile to hide my pain cuz if I tell my mom she would laugh so hard at me😔😔😖

    3. everybody hates me in school…my only friend let me and I think about it all day all night…😢😓😓

    4. Aww thanks for the cookie! chews the cookie You are seriously my favourite youtuber. I love your songs, Chino! ❤ Also, I'm not depressed or a suicidal person… I'm mostly a happy person I would say. I don't know why but I like to listening to such songs at 3:00 am instead of sleeping… And I'm sure I'm not depressed… I guess I'm just… curious? To see how other people feel… (or I'm just very weird😂) Does anyone has an explanation about that? It's just me guys…?😕

    5. all this things, all this feels… for nothing. Every road end in nothing. I'm so tired.

    6. So I've been suffering for a solid 6 years with depression and my whole life with anxiety. Everyone was tell me it's a phase. Everyone told me to hang in there, that it would pass. I have been. I've been waiting. Some days I can sorta control my illnesses but other days, days like today, I completely derail and lose control. I'm breathless, I'm feeling that familiar void inside, I've barely moved today and I'm considering the bridge up the road again. I just wanna say… Don't wait. You gotta fight it. You gotta learn to accept it and live with it cause it doesn't get easier and waiting for it to pass will only make it more difficult to live with it. Fight man. I know it's hard but just fight. You're not alone.

    7. It's bad that I'm saying this I think but this song would be the exact song that a friend of mine would send to me. It speaks perfectly for her. Almost anyway. We had a fight today and my sister ended their friendship but I'm still debating on being friends with my friend. It's complicated

    8. I don't have depression. I don't have Anxiety. But I am going through phases that make me feel worthless and where I don't really see the point in living. Maybe it is just Puberty. I am 15 years old now. I have great parents, I have a wonderful home, I have good friends, I have a really cute boyfriend and still, I don't feel happy. When I'm at home, my life is going great, I love to meet my friends and my boyfriend, I really enjoy drawing and playing the piano. But at school, it is a hard situation every single day. I have a really damn low self-esteem since I was 6 years old. And other kids from parallel classes are talking about me behind my back, and that just makes me feel worthless. Sometimes, my boyfriend is really happy when he is with his friends, and then I come to him, and he's like he hasn't slept for years (Sry for the bad english I am german). That makes me feel worthless too. I even already scratched my hand up with my fingernails because I was feeling so terrible, you can still see the scars. And I even have a plan how I would kill myself if I can't take it anymore. I also recognized that I put on a fake smile so often, that makes me really sad, but I just dont know how to stop. I must repeat that I don't have depression nor anxiety and I am really grateful about it. Still, this song makes me really sad because I think about my childhood, about how happy I was and about how terrible I feel now. To everyone with depression or/and Anxiety: I am not saying that I know how it feels to have depression, but when I already feel that worthless, how terrible must it be with real depression?
      Please don't harm or kill yourself. You are loved.

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