Niacin therapy cured my depression within the first dose!

Recommendations about the niacin and niacin book:

(USA) Niacin: the true story: learn about the wonderful healing properties of niacin
Niacin 500 mg without rinsing –
Niacin (Flush) 500 mg –
Niacin (Flush) 100 mg –

(United Kingdom) Niacin: the real story: learn about the wonderful healing properties of niacin
Niacin 500 mg without rinsing –
Niacin (Flush) 500 mg –
Niacin (Flush) 100 mg –

In this video, I analyze how I began to experience major depression in a raw vegan diet with carbohydrates and how I overcome it instantly with high doses of niacin (vitamin B3).

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Video credits to Sun Fruit Dan YouTube channel

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    Niacin therapy cured my depression within the first dose!

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    1. I hope you all enjoyed the video and found it helpful.

      Niacin And Niacin Book Recommendations:

      (USA) Niacin: The Real Story: Learn about the Wonderful Healing Properties of Niacin –
      Non Flush Niacin 500mg –
      Niacin (Flush) 500mg –
      Niacin (Flush) 100mg –

      (UK) Niacin: The Real Story: Learn about the Wonderful Healing Properties of Niacin –
      Non Flush Niacin 500mg –
      Niacin (Flush) 500mg –
      Niacin (Flush) 100mg –

    2. Hi Dan! Would you recommend niacin for opiate withdrawal?
      I often find your videos super helpful thank you!!!

    3. Stating taking niacin for anxiety an depression, wow this stuff is amazing, I love after the flush the sense of ease and comfort like I’m floating on a cloud ,an I noticed while I was lying on couch without a care in the world ,I was smiling , ye actually smiling at nothing 😂 , I feel I’m at one with myself an the universe , that’s a bold statement but that’s how I feel 😁❤️ peace to you sunfruit dan and all subscribers feel the niacin love ❤️

    4. I took 500mg and my body looked like I just left sauna… I guess I'm sensitive…

    5. Hi Dan. Once again thank you for posting this video on the benefits of niacin. Great info. Love the honesty.

    6. Save me too brother. I was schizophrenic for 3-5 years and got used to the permanence… Then found out about niacin thru a documentary on this cool network called Gaia. Thank goodness. I began at 3k mg dosage after some research and learnin. Nice video man. Way to go

    7. Thanks Dan, started taking 800 mg twice a day two days ago (morning and evening). One question (if you get a moment to reply) I often hear it recommended to take it 3 times a day, but do you think taking it twice a day is OK? I flush real bad, and don't mind this, but flushing for two hours in the middle of the day isn't really convenient! So am taking just twice a day. I can definitely feel a positive difference already . . .what do you reckon?

    8. I read about this on godlikeproductions of all places a few years ago. Amazing stuff

    9. Dr. Abram Hoffer recommends one thousand milligrams 3 x per day with ten thousand mg vitamin c per day. Or, back off when stool gets to loose. Many Niacin caps come with vitamin C, which is nice. ~ Peace out!

    10. Thanks for the info. Niacin has really helped me to stop smoking weed with the flushing effect. And I really do just feel better.

    11. I've taken niacin non flush for one day, in three 500mg doses and I've been very drowsy. Not too the point of falling as but I don't feel like functioning. The anxiety has gotten better. Does the drowsiness go away? Is this normal?

    12. Sir, Can you please tell me if you get the depression relief effects from flush-free or Nicotinic Acid

    13. niacin seems also to have a positive effect on me but the flushing which i kind of like is often followed by 2-3 hours of shivering and shaking which i have trouble with.

    14. I listend to u and dr andrew saul.
      When i took niacin for then first time with in the first 20 minutes in was deppretion free . For the fist time in my life.
      I recommand buying fron iherb there cheap they have good products fast delivery.
      No i take
      Omega 3 , b3 niacin, triptopan, e, d, c,

    15. It is a known fact that many vegans get a niacin deficiency. And they get too much copper which can cause depression while it might seem healthy having a vegan diet is not for everybody and can contribute to depression. I would just be a vegetarian. Try that for a while. But yes the niacin is great my daughter and I are both doing it now. I knew about Dr Hoffer:s niacin protocol years ago.

    16. Would you use Niacin in addition to Turpentine protocol on the same day? If so, how do you recommend doing that? Loving your videos!

    17. i have schizophrenia and i just took 1.5 grams, i will take 1.5 more grams before bedtime, a total of 3grams a day, i also take seroquel 400mg at bedtime and invega monthly injections, hopefully this works.

    18. Just heard about this stuff today and took my first 500mg 30 minutes ago on a fairly empty stomach. Within 10 minutes I got the flush (feels like a sunburn from head to toe!). Hopefully some relief from depression and anxiety will arrive soon…

    19. On a raw diet, you need to eat 5 cups of raw peas per day to get your daily niacin , 5 cups passionfruit, 5 avocadoes, or 8 cups of dates.. On a mixed vegan diet, you can get it from 6 cups of BROWN rice, 4 cups of lentils, 1500 calories worth of quinoa, 2 cups of portobello mushrooms, 8 boiled potatoes, 8 tbspoons of peanut butter, or 5 cups of pearled barley.

    20. Just took 2000mg if straight Niacin and NO FLUSH. Maybe I will start 3,000mg tomorrow. Could i just not need niacin. i was expecting flush at 1000. do i take til i flush? depression is horrible. i hate staying in bed all day

    21. I am 22 about to turn 23 and like you I have a great life that I love nothing going wrong and about a week ago I started feeling what I think is depression my chest gets painful and I start getting bored with everything I use to love doing but when I go to the gym and workout it goes away and after watching this video I saw that my preworkout has 30 mg of niacin do you think that is what is helping?

    22. OK people are going to freak a bit about this. B3 is an extract of coal tar. But what is coal but a concentrated form of sunshine? Solid enery formed from plants. Oh and it definitely works. My son who suffered from schizophrenia for 15 years is doing very well on it. I take 500mg a day myself and it's good for all sorts of conditions

    23. I'm going to agree with you, here, and explain why a healthy diet is just not enough! Keep taking your niacin, please!

      The soil is depleted of minerals, so the plants don't create everything you need. Think about the taste difference between a dandelion's leaves and the spinach you get from a store. The dandelion has many more minerals than the spinach. You can taste the raw, bitter butter in the green. It's so strong that it's almost repulsive, because we aren't used to it: The difference between a light beer, say, and a dark.

      But, here, we find that even the raw dandelion doesn't get all the nutrients it needs to meet all of your nutritional needs.

      This has been a problem since the 1930s, caused by over-farming and the way we get rid of our wastes. The soil isn't fed enough, so the plants have less to eat, so we have less to eat. The entire infrastructure is off-kilter.

      Therefore, supplementation is important.

    24. Hi, do you use non flush niacin? I just bought some 500 mg non flush niacin and I find that it is healing my depression. I am taking it with a b complex and c vitiman.

    25. Hey Dan! How funny I stumbled across this video! Don't know if you remember me(?) but it seems we've had similar journeys.. I only started taking Niacin 4 days ago, 1x100mg seems to be all I need (I pair this with a multivitamin and mineral) and I feel transformed, no depression, no anxiety, no stress, I go to sleep happy not beating myself up over rubbish that happened years ago! Despite not eating meat for 5 years and transforming my life to be more healthy and less destructive I still had a looming feeling of despair… It's incredible to think a simple vitamin deficiency was doing that much damage to my life…
      * Its only day 4 but I feel positive, I recommend anyone give it a go *
      People need more support and guidance, on the surface people may look fine but as you said, you had all you needed so why weren't you happy? It was the same for me… what you're doing is great! Keep it up x

    26. I read/heard about Niacin therapy 2 days ago — yesterday I took 1500 mg staggered through the day after being one week on a cleaner eating no sugar/no flour diet ————————- today is day 2! I took 3000 mg and did NOT take my wellbutrin OR my vyvance prescriptions today and I DID NOT NEED THEM!! I FEEL AMAZING!!!

    27. When I was taking the niacin, I felt like it made me too energetic so I stopped taking it. Is that normal? And how long would it take for niacin to work for depression?

    28. come join others on facebook group Niacin and its healing benefits, compare notes and support each other

    29. This is everything I needed to hear in one vid. Awesome. Thanks so much !! Godbless you..

    30. hi thank you for your video. Do you think niacinamide is as effective?

    31. I've been taking 500 mg of niacin a day split up for each 3 meals. It's day 3 now. Should I keep going up on the dosage? I tried 500 mg all at once the first night and I turned red and itched and burned. I've been on 3 different antidepressants and they didn't work. I'm currently on 30 mg cymbalta. I think I've noticed a little improvement in the depression over the last few days but not sure

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