Nervous Breakdown Symptoms and Treatment

Symptoms and treatment of nervous decomposition.
Nerve breakdowns are part of a family of mental disorders known as anxiety disorders. Nerve breakdowns can occur when you experience sudden, extreme or prolonged stress. When a nervous breakdown occurs, you may feel that you lose control of your feelings and give in to stress, anxiety or worry.

However, nervous breakdown is not a medical term, nor does it indicate a specific mental illness. But that does not mean it's a normal or healthy response to stress. A nervous breakdown may indicate an underlying mental health problem that needs attention, such as depression or anxiety.

Here are 10 common symptoms of physical nervous breakdown.

1. Insomnia One of the most common symptoms is insomnia or the inability to fall asleep. This is due to overstimulation and high amounts of stress. The person literally can not calm his brain to help him sleep well at night.
2. Feelings of worry, fear, anxiety or stress.
3. irregular heartbeat You can feel your heart beating. You may think you are seriously ill, but the evidence is unlikely to be convincing.
4. Tense or painful muscles.
5. Wet hands, sweating.
6. Dizziness or dizziness.
7. Tremor or tremor. You may feel that these are the most embarrassing symptoms of a nervous breakdown while you worry that people will notice.
8. Upset stomach and bowel problems or nausea with or without vomiting. Your body or your mind reacts as if your life is in danger and digestion is secondary to survival.
9. Exhaustion. All your energy is being used to try to handle or face this crisis.
10. Coughs and colds. It seems that you are catching every error that is floating.

Treatments for the nervous crisis.

In addition to following the treatment plan developed by your health care providers, you may be able to decrease the frequency and severity of your nervous breakdowns by:
1. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and drugs.
2. Obtain advice for stress management.
3. Exercise regularly. Some would argue that the effects of intense aerobic exercise can actually make the symptoms of a nervous breakdown more intense. However, the cumulative effects of exercise over time are generally good for the brain and the body.
4. Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and muscle relaxation.
5. Psychotherapy. Entering a licensed psychotherapist psychologist can be beneficial for your recovery.
6. Medications. You can benefit from taking an antidepressant or anxiolytic medication to help you cope with the symptoms.

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    Nervous Breakdown Symptoms and Treatment

    Comments 8

    1. I needed to find out what the definition was. I had one yesterday. I was working , and had the worst panic attack I have ever had. I walked ( or rather ran) off the job. I couldn't even look left or right. I drove off. i ended up downing half a bottle of whiskey in this old abandoned cemetary. This is soooo not me. I'm upstanding, pay my bills, no criminal records, happily married etc. So my boss gave me the day off today to get myself some help……Never dreamed this could've happened to me.

    2. I have every symptom and now even became agorophobic for four years

    3. hai
      i have facing the problem hands , sweeting and shivering , uncontrol the body pls give me a suggestion to be
      a better health

    4. I get sad break downs,and some other break downs,the sad break downs is when I feel sad for no reason,the other break down is where I can't feel,another way to say the other break down is "losing all my feelings "

    5. My friend had one last week then decided to take the rest of the semester off. I hope you get better buddy <3

    6. If you are facing panic attacks or anxiety, it's because you are too afraid of dying. You think too much about yourself. When you are with other people and having anxiety, it becomes worse because you think of how embarrasing it will be if they see you freak out. I used to have bad anxiety and panic attacks when i was like 12 but now I am 20 and I never experience any sort of anxiety. I just got over it. Don't be too afraid of anything. Everyone will die one day. You just need to live your life and care about your loved ones. Exercise a lot. Do tough exercises like push-ups, squats and jumping till failure. I do like 250 push ups in a day, 30 squats, 300 jumps, lifting bricks (don't have dumbells). Become good in one thing that you actually love (programming, doing maths, writing stories, writing online blogs, cooking, social service, athletics, sports anything that you really really like and you think about it all the time) and don't spend time in doing things that you don't love. Stop just thinking about yourself and your survival all the time and care about your loved ones. Get a girlfriend that only loves you. Care about her infinitely. Care about your family. Become awesome, gain respect, have huge amount of self confidence in yourself. If you have internet, instead of watching stupid television and news (like you are going to do something about it), watch videos in youtube that are actually motivating, and develop a strong will. Just remember that you will become strong if you do work for it. I've been through this anxiety thing during my childhood but now I just don't have anything like that.

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