Neon Dion ft. 6obby – Depression

Produced by Lonelyboy


Neon Dion


Video credits to sad chɨll YouTube channel

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    Neon Dion ft. 6obby – Depression

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    1. Lyrics for y'all 😀

      I just feel so down
      when will peace
      come around
      been depressed
      can't take anymore
      I'm so stressed can't take anymore
      battling my demons
      settling the score
      what does this life have in store
      this pain i drown it out
      don't think I'm down and out
      got my blunt
      and I'm smoking loud
      on my hunt
      I stand so proud
      blotting out the doubt
      plotting on the come up
      right now

      Pain pain go away
      don't come back anyday
      pain pain go away
      don't come back anyday
      don't come back anyway
      catch up on my wave


      smoking all this ganja
      but all I'm feelin is stress
      all of this sadness
      is always getting my best
      i aint like these rappers
      i aint ever sippin tec
      and i aint snortin coke
      and I aint ever poppin xans
      people hating on me
      cause they know I got a plan
      getting all these DMs
      and I'm feeling like the man
      smokin all this dope
      in some polo ralph pants
      talkin all this shit
      but I know that you is a fan
      and my kicks adidas
      but you know my fit is thrifted
      (I can't stop this music
      cause I know that I'm addicted)x2

      (yeah had to kill it one time
      when i get a beat
      you know that it's game time ) x2

      yeah why I gotta feel like this x5

      Depression x5

      yeah why i gotta feel like this x2

    2. I'm late af but this if fire, and that's my pink haired psycho as the visual 😍💕💕💕

    3. Here's the link to my new EP if any of you guys are interested. 🙂 Much love to all of you! You guys seriously are the best and make me so happy! It means the world to me you guys have listened to me talk about my own personal struggles and I really hope it can help you all get through the hardest times in life. I'm so incredibly grateful and humbled, everyone listening, leaving a like/comment and supporting me, you guys make me smile ear to ear. 🙂 You guys give me hope and a reason to keep going!!! I will have more music for you all in the future and I really hope you enjoy!! I love each and every one of you! I'm currently crying tears of joy because I'm so happy! :')

    4. But she was not depressed, she has mental illness but not depression or anxiety, she was just crazy.

    5. I've been subscribed but I just recently started listening to the music a lot and I find it really relaxing. It's chill. I love what you upload so keep doing what you do. 🙂

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