Neil Hilborn – “Me, But Happy” (Button Live)

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Neil Hilborn, acting on Button Poetry Live, July 2016.

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Button Poetry is committed to developing a coherent and effective system of production, distribution, promotion and fundraising for spoken poetry and spoken word.

We seek to show the power and diversity of voices in our community. By encouraging and spreading the best and brightest poets of performance today, we hope to expand the audience of poetry, expand its reach and develop a higher level of cultural appreciation for the art form.

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    Neil Hilborn – “Me, But Happy” (Button Live)

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    1. Sure there are probably infinite dimensions but I'm with you in this one so why would I try to find them.
      That got me.

    2. The way he says 'Its true' after 'the new way to say I love you in just ramping our foreheads together' makes me heart smile.

    3. can someone explain the line about falling in love and ramming our foreheads together? i don't really know what that means

    4. Please, please, PLEASE do NOT take out the line "Reason to Wake Up-O's." I LOVED IT

    5. alex if you find this that’ll be so funny but you make this poem mean something i love you

    6. i absolutely love this except i'm a flute player and i'm slightly offended that learning flute is useless.

    7. A month ago when I heard this poem I laughed, because it was so stupid.
      This time there are actually tears in my eyes, because I fell in love and finally understand what he means.

    8. "if you were a cereal you'd be reason-to-wake-up-o's" I'm putting this in my wedding vows thank you

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