Natural Remedies for Seasonal Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder Treatment

The treatment of seasonal affective disorder for the symptoms of seasonal depression is what this video focuses on today: my protocol of functional medicine, naturopath, which I developed when I lived in Boston, MA and experienced winter symptoms and sadness of the SAD.

The following protocol is what I developed while working and obtained my doctorate in naturopathic medicine. Based on my training and personal experience, this SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder and Winter Blues Treatment has a great impact on the treatment of the root cause of seasonal blues and chemical imbalances resulting from shorter and darker days.

SAD Protocol of Dr. Melissa
1. Vitamin D3
2. 5-HTP
3. Complex B – 3x daily

Where to buy these products:
1. Vitamin D 3:
2. 5-HTP:
3. Vitamin B complex:

This protocol is highly effective in reducing the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder and in naturally treating seasonal depression by balancing the body's brain chemistry to promote key happy hormones.

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    Natural Remedies for Seasonal Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder Treatment

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    1. Thank you for making this! I’ve been taking vitamin D for a couple years now, but only recently learned about 5-htp so I feel like I want to give it a try! Quick question, would you recommend this combination for teenagers as well?

    2. I also moved to Boston from a warmer place, Brazil. Living in Boston for the last 16 years has definitely done a number on my mental health.

    3. that was so helpful because i was wondering why iv been feeling so terrible. should i do a loading dose to up my levels of vit d. currently taking 4000 iu a day.

    4. i been taking the vitamin d3 for a few years now, 10,000 iu. one doctor said that my levels was good, in the 80's, another said it's toxic. smh, i know it's not toxic, did alot of research before i even started taking them.

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