Nachos Mukbang | 100+ Subs & Story Time (Depression) | Fijian Lewas

Hello L & T Fam …

WOOHOO! Thank you very much for the love and getting more than 100 subs. I can not thank you enough, but this week has been a great blessing, so to say thank you, we go in and go rough with you. We are talking about depression and what we have been through !! I hope this helps you and if you need someone to hear you or make you laugh or hit us. There is nothing wrong in admitting that you are dealing with something. "It's okay not to be well", he remembers "you're enough and nobody can compare to you". We love you!! Do not hesitate to hit us.

* PLEASE excuse the background noise and our nanny too *

Life line:

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Peace love

Video credits to Fijian Lewas Mukbang YouTube channel

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    Nachos Mukbang | 100+ Subs & Story Time (Depression) | Fijian Lewas

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    1. Love this video girls!!! I cried while watching this. I go through depression sometimes. At times I would feel lonely like I have family and friends to talk to but I would still feel sad. I would stay in bed and cry and eat junk food everyday. When I was living in the UK. I went through it really bad. Because I was going through a divorce. It was really hard so the only thing that I was doing was drinking every week getting drunk and eating lots of junk food and that made me feel like wow what am I doing with myself but at times I feel like I don’t want to live anymore. And YouTube was actually helping me through having this hard times. I love you girls so much love this video.
      Xxxxx 😘😘 Food looks amazing I want Mexican so bad!!!! You girls are so genuine. Xxxxx 😘

    2. YUM! man all that food is making me hungry lol! congrats on all the subbies! love nachos the best! and commend you guys on sharing your guys' journey – supportive 100% #polytube

    3. such a deep conversation ! never have i felt such emotion from watching a mukbang . you ladies are killing it 🔥😍 thank you again for another video ! also i need me a bella 😘😂 never thought id come across someone with a laugh louder than mine 😂😂😂

    4. Loved the honesty my fam! Cried a couple times actually watching this as you all know I’ve been battling with depression & aniexty for years now so I’m so grateful you guys are using your platform to bring light to this situation and are raising awareness for mental health and the struggles that people who do go through this in our community! Thankyou for all sharing your stories.. I can definitely relate to you all! Such strong beautiful WOC! Love love loved everything! Love you guys ❤️

    5. Thanks for being so honest ladies. Depression is so common in our community but we think it isn't because we don't speak about it. I still struggle with my depression, I didnt even know I had it until one day I asked my partner if every day he wished he was dead and he was the one who said "that's not normal, you gotta see someone". It was the best feeling knowing that all along it was depression and I wasn't just a weirdo. You guys make me so proud just the way you're openly sharing your struggles, you give me hope that I'll come out of this. Congratulations on making over 100 subbies! You'll make 100k in Jesus' name 💓

    6. Awh Vilomena You are Strong and courgeous! God has things planned for your life and you were blessed with a beautiful family ❤ Keep being you and stay strong x
      Taleta x

    7. This is the Fijian Red Table 😭. Such real Talk & I love it. Laughing & crying seriously it’s never a dull moment ❤️

    8. Started this vid off crying, and ended the vid laughing. Love you ladies for being so transparent and real!! It’s never easy, sharing your personal life, especially something as emotional as depression. So much love and respect for you guys ❤️❤️❤️

    9. Depression effects everybody in different times mental health should be taught and more awareness among the Fijian community vinaka for the topic ladies

    10. Bula Lewa wanavu na post fantastic chow mada Malo vinaka I'm liking the Mexican theme hahaha love from UK

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