My Top Five Strategies for Keeping Anxiety at Bay

In this video, author and depression counselor Douglas Bloch shares his five main strategies for overcoming anxiety, using examples from his own life.

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    My Top Five Strategies for Keeping Anxiety at Bay

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    1. If they won't give me medication, will alcohol work?? Can I drink myself out of a panic attack? I'm desperate btw… Just asking

    2. thank you, this is so helpful. I sometimes forget to do deep breathing and other relaxation techniques

    3. I quit smoking 5 months ago after 36 years of it. About 2 weeks into it I started to have what I now know, is anxiety. Had depression pretty much my whole life. This anxiety is really scary!!!! I have been exercising for almost 2 years at a gym. Around 3 months ago I started having anxiety after a hard workout with a trainer. Crazy right! I google this and looks like I am not the only one. I started yoga about 3 months ago. I found doing the "cool down" exercises from yoga seem to help with the anxiety after gym workout. Anxiety makes it tough to function. want to find solutions that don't involves meds. Videos help. Thanks for posting!

    4. very good video by Douglas Bloch, I too being patient of anxiety, All my friends who suffer from anxiety, NEVER GIVE UP, fight it, Do all things told in vdo. And in last pray and trust in GOD Almighty! You will be able to control it!


    6. I'm glad I found your channel, sir. The anxiety I experience has become really bad these past two months. I've been having panic attacks multiple times a week, and it has caused me to perform badly at school and some tension in my social relationships. I can't really access therapy at the moment so I am really glad for your videos. Thank you very much.

    7. CBD Oil absolutely works for me and no harsh side effects. All natural, plant based therapy. The best thing ever.

    8. I never usually leave comments, but for this I just want to say a massive thank you! You seem really calming and the techniques genuinely help! I'm at a rather low point, but I'm hoping what I'm learning will help. Again thank you so much!

    9. I will put these in my tool box (journal) and use them when I have a problem with anxiety, which should be tomorrow when I go back to work after a long weekend.

      2 Jokes:

      1. A horse walked into a bar and the bartender said, "Why the long face?"

      2. A three-legged dog walked into the bar and said, "I'm looking for the man who shot my paw."

    10. Oh thank you so much with that notice about "CBD OIL" Helped me so much with anxiety and my girlfriend with depression and BPD…. Huge thanks <3

    11. I have terrible anxiety, especially first thing in the morning. I've found that the practice of allowing it and not fighting it is slowly, very slowly helping me. I don't know if you've heard of Dr Claire Weekes teachings but many people practice her methods.

    12. Exercise does literally nothing for anxiety, but it does help Depression. If you’re revved up before exercise, exercise will only ramp it up further.

    13. I like his approach. Very practical and not preachy. Glad he includes meds. Sometimes I need an Ativan to deal with a really bad day. Exercise is best though. Thanks, Doug.

    14. Sleeping disorders, vivid dreams, waking up at night for no reason, also has to do with abnormal dips in blood glucose. This can cause waking up with heart pounding in your ears, or being super cranky for no reason or being tired and depressed. Sometimes undiagnosed sleep apnea can also cause this. You need to eat something that will not let you dip too low. as an experiment, meter your blood glucose when you wake up suddenly at night, then again first thing in the morning. If you find your blood sugar is dipping and causing all this, cut out refined sugars, nasty white carbs like bread and starches you can't digest, opt for protein like lean meat and veg, good fats like salmon and avocado, and yes its hard to live on a restricted diet, but moods change when the body and brain are using the right fuel.

    15. have you ever thought of blood sugar issues? The big clue is anxiety at night and first thing in the morning. Some people can't digest carbs like bread, sugar, or caffeine. Diet has a lot to do with anxiety. Keep a diary of what you eat and how you feel a few hours after you eat. If you are super sensitive to caffiene, (recent study shows a gene people lack) you will not metabolize it normally and yes, you will have anxiety and panic attacks. It is no fun eating clean, but you feel so much better.

    16. Ah….But Scarecrows are not real human beings, so there would be no reason for it to be a Neurosurgeon.

    17. Thanks Doug excellent ideas! If you dont have a hot tub and have anxiety that peaks at night and you dont want to have to take anti anxiety meds what strategies work for nighttime anxiety?

    18. Everybody seems to be missing the elephant in the room here… NATURE. Spend time un nature. I can assure you, it is the best anxiety treatment out there. Best part, is free and it has no side effects.

    19. That agitated feeling is so terrible. I will try the exercise, because the mindfulness, meditation stuff is something I have trouble, as I get restless.

      I try to accept my condition and my feelings, but I don't know how. You may be one of the few people that mentions connecting with others and medication. I read in the book Staying Alive how time with loved ones, human interaction is equivalent to meditation in benefits.

      Lastly, so many of us feel so much guilt taking a pill, as it feels we have failed, given in, given up, or we are scared of the effects of the pill itself. We see others get by so well claiming they don't use medication, and we feel worse for needing it. CBD is promising, as cannabis makes me feel the symptoms like derealization, spaciness, unsteadiness, and paranoia a bit worse for a couple hours, it's actually unpleasant.

    20. Great video. Love your demeanor. You’re a big help to a lot of people. Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

    21. This was really helpful. I am not prone to anxiety but a big life change is eminent and I've been worrying a lot more lately.
      Thanks for the insight.

    22. such good videos! thank-you for these. All the content is excellent and I really appreciate you including your personal experiences with depression/anxiety.

    23. Hello Douglas, yes, am back again. Great informative video. I am curious, is CBD OIL a prescription? I have never heard of it. I am not having the greatest day today, and have just researched to try and find some group therapy within my area. I wish you were in the area I reside. You are so calming, and on every video I watch and listen to, there is always a particular issue that you hit spot on, concerning my feelings. Thanks again, Sincerely, JC

    24. Hi.I’m new to your channel. have suffered from depression and anxiety for most of my life . Was good for the past 5 years but am now having severe anxiety. Have tried almost everything you mentioned except for CBD oil. Where would I get this?

    25. Nice videos Doug. Have you tried L-tryptophane or 5-HTP that boost serotonin levels? Group B vitamins?

    26. My depression and anxiety has gotten so bad over the last few months for many reasons. I'm new to your videos and I'd like to try your techniques and fingers crossed this helps. Thank you for making the videos. Can I ask how is best to stop a panick attack? I had one that must have lasted at least half an hour I just couldn't get control of my breathing or my mind or anything.

    27. I live in lebanon oregon I don't know if your still in eugene or not. If you do it's not far away about 45 minutes.

    28. As always thank you for your videos douglas between you and Noah Thomas I don't think I would have the courage to keep going I also live in the valley lebanon actually and this time of year is hard just because of the greatness and whatnot I've been battling a six Mon yt? H and still counting anxiety relapse accompanied by depression and hopelessness I would love to connect with you sometime and buy you lunch. Thank you so much for all you do and God bless.

    29. I know I need help and I want to get it, but my anxiety has been so severe for the past few days that I haven’t been able to leave my house. I’m a college student and I normally never miss classes even when I’m sick, but I haven’t been able to make myself go. I have no motivation or focus to work on school work. Every time I go somewhere or think about leaving I get physically nauseous and then worry about getting sick in public so I just don’t go in public. I have a lot of obligations this week and I’m stressed about not doing them but can’t bring myself to do them.

    30. I’ve been having really bad anxiety problems due to an important exam and family problems. I’m having a hard time sleeping due to ruminating thoughts and I wake up with numb hands/feet ca. every 2,5-3 hours. Thank you your tips, I’ll try them out. I have a lot at stake, this year.

    31. Benzos are nasty at least for me was awful getting off and after 3 months off still dealing with anxiety

    32. I don't agree with the medications especially weed , are you kidding me ? I been down this road with meds and they are not good for you especially the benzos . Trust me I went threw benzo withdrawal and still dealing with getting back to a normal state . Everyone is weed crazy these days , it s not the answer to your problems , hello ?

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