My Story | Why I got saved? + Overcoming Depression and Low Self Esteem

Hey, Queens! This is my first YouTube video and before starting my channel, I thought I should tell them why I am who I am today and what inspires me.

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IG: Abisolaqueen
Snapchat: Abisola.queen

Age: 22

Video credits to AbisolaQueen YouTube channel

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    My Story | Why I got saved? + Overcoming Depression and Low Self Esteem

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    1. Nobody are saved, until the systom of this world comes to a end! and you have to be chosen for salvation.

    2. Omg you made me bawl 😭, I too have dealt with low self esteem & felt like I wasn’t pretty enough or smart enough. I’m so happy I found Christ & I am now on my walk. So happy I found your channel & I just subscribed! Peace and love to you. ❤️

    3. I️ really need to talk to somebody about my depression I’m a 21 year stripper and I’m also in college and I’ve been dealing with depression for years I️ feel like I️ will never be good enough and I️ also HATE the way I️ look I️ always felt as if I️ wasn’t pretty enough for anything or anyone. I️ would do anything in the world to change the way I️ look some. And a lot of time I pray that I️ die soon also. I’m glad that u overcame your battles I’m going thru it right now maybe one day I’ll be able to overcome mines before it too late Cus I️ feel myself reaching my breaking point to killing myself. I’m just not happy.

    4. I love your channel
      I relate soo much with your story . I'm Grateful to God you've overcome depression 😃

    5. Hi AbisolaQueen! Your story on dealing with low self-esteem and depression truly resonated with me; as I have dealt with it for most of my life. Your being transparent and vulnerable in this video is truly admirable. Thank you for blessing us with your inspirational video. I also have a YouTube channel where I share my personal stories of low self esteem issues. I feel the topics we discuss on our channels are very similar. If you don't mind I'd like to collaborate with you by featuring featuring your YouTube channel on my YouTube channel. I truly feel our collaboration can be a blessing to us and our subscribers. Also, I have subscribed to your channel. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you and God Bless.

    6. Child of're
      among many ,only
      Difference God use you to go through to help were chosen!! .stay strong.keep believing an praying .an remember hs.ways are not our ways an hs thinking is above our you contine to grow from a catipillar to a butterfly you will see God was preparing u for his purpose.i wish more of you were able to speak truth to power.its hard when we don't understand.all we do is trust God an speak out as you hv.done.!Brave an Courageous.Butterfly.!💋
      God Bless.! Love you.❤

    7. You're beautiful!! I love your transparency, your story is very similar to mine!! Love you so much girl!!!!

    8. Oh sweetie! God SURELY has a plan for you and you are stepping into it right now by sharing your story and helping others. Keep going baby girl!

    9. God literally sent me to your channel. I experienced the same thing at that age. So happy I found your channel and subscribed.

    10. Glad I took my time to watch this. Thank you for this! I was in a similar position like this & still going through it and with God I'm bettering myself everyday. Can't wait for more videos! Just subscribed.

    11. I'm so glad you shared this story abi. This video is going to help so many of us who go through these things but don't speak up on it. This took so much bravery. I can't wait for the rest of your videos!

    12. Aww God bless you! We need more people like you to encourage others who are going through the same thing. I know God has a purpose for you and you will go far in life.

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