My Story | Struggling with Depression | I Didn’t Even Know It

I wanted to open and share my story of fighting depression. My perception is that many people have a very severe idea of ​​what depression looks like and, often, the milder versions are not detected.

That was certainly the case for me; I knew for a long time that something was wrong, but I had no idea how to call it or, more importantly, that I should even call it somehow. My children are only 17 months old, so I honestly thought it was probably only because I was adapting to motherhood and exhaustion and the overwhelming situation.

After doing a lot of intentional internal work, I have gone from feeling like a shell of myself to being absolutely prosperous! I hope that by sharing my story with depression, other people struggling with milder versions have the opportunity to know signs to look for, such as:

• feel lost
• not wanting or feeling the need to leave
• disconnect from friends and family
• be very isolated
• have no social life
• complete lack of interest in the things that you
used to love
• Feel as if you are constantly in the fog.
• loss of sexual desire
• Have feelings of being a failure.
• be insecure
• have no idea what you enjoy in most areas of

These are just some of the symptoms I encountered, but remember that depression is a spectrum. It may seem like many things to many people, so even if you have the least inclination you may have, don't be afraid to ask for help ❤️

Video credits to Chatela Monae YouTube channel

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My Story | Struggling with Depression | I Didn’t Even Know It

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  1. ❤️❤️ thank you for sharing this. It’s hard to talk about serious issues like this. You are so strong to be able to do this!

  2. This is sooo relatable girl. Thanks for opening up about something so personal and bringing awareness to the different levels or stages of depression. Thank God for keeping you and gracing you through every season. I’m also coming out on the other end. hugs

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