My story – overcoming depression and mental health. Skydiving therapy ‘Fight or Flight’

My story – overcome depression and mental health. Skydiving therapy & # 39; Fight or Flight & # 39;

Hi, I'm Pahrnia and this is my first short film that gives you a look at my 2018.
I am a video editor, avid exercise enthusiast, part-time model and unofficial comedian for my friends, but what I did not like was the poison that infects my everyday thoughts. The end of 2017 was the first time I felt suicidal (and this is the second time I admit it), so, since I was about to enter my 2018 in such an unprecedented headspace, I decided in a moment of Desperate to enroll and Complete my most recurrent dream. My logic was that no matter where my mental health took me, at least I could say that I achieved this or I tried.
Jackson composes the other half of Would You Rather Productions, his work is a reflection of his professionalism and the difficulties he puts into his craft. 1 year ago I approached him with a different idea to potentially film, however, in the time we spent planning that idea and with the ability of Jacksons to see beyond all the facades, it was inevitable that my mental health would become Something I felt comfortable talking about. I was presented with an opportunity to speak openly but with a purpose in the hope of creating an inspiring lighthouse for others. Neither of us anticipated that the trip would take us from colleagues to good friends, or that there would be an "end" to this story.
Filming a project always comes with a plan, but you can not plan for life. We took it every day, I sought consolation in just talking to Jackson hidden by the camera and very quickly it became a huge and irreplaceable role in my recovery. I only know that this whole project was filmed and edited for 10 months only by Jackson and I without anyone, friends or family, even knowing that it was my mental health, no one knew.
2018 gave me a pain that I had never felt emotionally and physically before, but it also created a great gateway to improve my head and my life. From a very patient film producer and a recently qualified Skydiver, here is our short film: Fight or Flight.

Video credits to Would You Rather YouTube channel

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    My story – overcoming depression and mental health. Skydiving therapy ‘Fight or Flight’

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