MY STORY | Living with Anxiety & Depression.

It's the toughest video I've ever had to shoot and edit before, but I really hope that you and the girls receive the message behind it, I hope to inspire only one person to stay strong and realize that It's okay to talk about mental health, no matter what personality you have.

It would be fantastic and, honestly, from the bottom of my heart I would be moved if you could share this to help spread awareness.

Stay safe and keep smiling!

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Video credits to Willskipezza YouTube channel

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    MY STORY | Living with Anxiety & Depression.

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    1. I can so relate myself to everything you said in this video … it's been hard for more than a year now for me, not being able to face people without fear. Made me feel better to know I'm not alone though, thanks (sorry for the mistakes I'm French speaking)

    2. Great video! Earned a sub. I have bipolar disorder and panic disorder myself and am on medication for panic attacks. I talk about mental health on my channel.

    3. Gosh ! This video speaks to me! must be hard to open up This way! Keep it up Boy And be safe xx (if there Is any mistakes hahah Sorry I'm Moroccan)

    4. I know I'm young, and you may think I have no idea what ur going on about, but I really do, i really want to explain to u about me, if I can, thank you x

    5. Dude, this literally almost made me cry. You sir are a great guy for this. Not only are you a great but you've helped me along the way for the 3 months I known you ❤❤

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