My Story: Depression | MS | Sciatica

My trip of 3 years through: depression, anxiety, a short leg, chronic knee pain, diet and probably MS.

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Video credits to Wyatt Matheson YouTube channel

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My Story: Depression | MS | Sciatica

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  1. Firstly brother, thanks for sharing this. I had been wondering where your witty self had been!

    I understand this, I've struggled with back issues and sciatica pretty bad over the years so I really feel for you.

    Anyways, whatever it is. Me and the rest of our community got your back. You're a pivotal part of our community and we're supporting you the whole way through brother.

    Hit me up anytime!

  2. man we've got your back thru this! keep doing what youre doing because it all comes out in the wash like i always say. things turn up, keep pushin out great content like this because your doin great!

  3. Hey man, James Rathwell here from high school. Wish you the best with the rest of your recovery. I've been having some mild health problems of my own the past two months. The main thing is a tightness that from time to time turns to pain on the left side of my chest. Scared the shit out of me when I first experienced it and still feel it from time to time today. Luckily, it doesn't get worse with exercise, so I can mostly ignore it now. The doctors initially said it was a result of a virus that was going around but as the weeks turned to months, they said that it is now being caused by anxiety. Did 2 blood tests, 2 ECGs, and a chest Xray, everything has come back healthy. Hope it will be gone soon, if it isn't I may get an MRI or CT scan because currently the only anxiety i really have is about my chest. Any ways, all im trying to say by explaining this is that this small problem has really freaked me out, and because of that i can only imagine the burden the symptoms you were experiencing put on your life, and i hope everything, or at least the majority of this stuff clears up for you soon. Every one takes their health for granted when things are going well, and I sure did until recently. Best of luck with the MS diagnoses and recovery. If your ever in Vancouver let me know and we can kick it.

  4. Really appreciate you posting this brother! You're a strong man for doing so! I can't even imagine going through what you've been through physically but you're definitely doing a good thing by sharing your experiences and I admire you for it and am very happy to see that it hasn't broken you.

    Although you're not able to be as physically active as you once were (or at least at least not yet!) You're definitely a talent here on YouTube and it's good to see you posting again! keep your head up bro! If there's anything I can do to help you out just let me know!

  5. Keep your head up man. If you ever are able to make the trip to Ontario – wait times for MRI are much smaller – I had one taken, not emergency waiting about 2,3 weeks but I've head of other parts of Canada having excessing wait times. Pulling for ya.

  6. Good morning, brother. Keep your stick on the ice. I'm pulling for you. We're all in this together.

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