Hello my beautiful people,

I hope everyone is well and excited about our anniversary as I am. A whole year has passed and I thought about coming and sharing with you a little about my Christian journey!

Thank you all for being part of this beautiful trip and here are many more to come! MORE LIFEEE lol !!
Virgo Hair (Aliexpress)
Loose Wave
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Courtney Daniella

Video credits to Courtney Daniella YouTube channel

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    1. This is so real. You aren’t alone sis. So glad that made wholeness you’re priority. God bless you, luv!

    2. I clicked on your video because you looked like my sister but GIIIIIIRL you just spoke to my soul!! You have a new fan!!

    3. Thank you for this. I'm starting a self love journey but it feels like it not working or it will take forever. But this gives me hope

    4. I honestly believe we go through all these things so that we can finally see that life is about God's love for us which brings peace and happiness.

    5. Hey girl you seem very successful here on YouTube (I very much enjoyed your video btw) but I just wanted to know if you have any tips on growing your channel!? I just started!!

    6. If you’re depressed come to Jesus I was severely depressed and thought about suicide it’s only through God and Christ Jesus that I’m here today

    7. i really hope you answer this but, how do you know its God's order and not what your heart wants or idk the word thats used in my religion is nafs for this. How does one exactly know that its what God wants? im having trouble in distinguishing that.

    8. Your story touched my heart. God allowed me to come across your story for a reason. I pray Jesus continues to bless you in every way, shape and form.

    9. You are so inspirational, congratulations on your success in finding the Lord! You are truly beautiful inside and out!

    10. You are my twin soul, literally no one has ever accurately explained my being so much before in my life. It’s so refreshing and meaningful to me to see someone else having the same experience. I can tell you see the truth of the world, the raw, painful, beautiful and inspirational truth of the world

    11. I've in tears since 9.20 am to 11 am 20th Jan.
      I just found your channel by chance. thankyou for touching my heart somehow. God bless you.

    12. wow this was so incredible!! i needed this so much its insane. God works in mysterious ways ❤

    13. Amen!!!! I am a Christian and similarly to you.. I'm currently studying at Uni at the best fashion school in the world and I've got to say I have been feeling the overwhelming pressure, the anxiety and craze of it all the past month! However in those pressuring low times I have been looking to the Lord for comfort and for security by reading his word and praying everyday! I know that God is taking me out of my comfort zone and putting me through hard situations so that I can grow and look to him to fill the void in my life! Thank you for this video.. thank your for your honesty and bravery to share your testimony.. as it's so helpful and inspiring! Your words are wonderful and inspiring me through this tough time.. God is happy with your passion for spreading his light onto YouTube! Keep doing what your doing girl!!

    14. I've only recently come across your channel and it is honestly one of the best things that has happened to me. You have honestly motivated me at such an uncertain point in my life due to University starting soon, but I now feel confident to tackle my studies as well as other issues with upmost confidence and determination. You are such a beautiful person inside and out, and you deserve everything that has come your way. Never ever stop glowing & I am so certain God will continue to shower you with blessings and amazing opportunities!🙏🏻✨

    15. Honestly I started crying watching this because this is exactly how I feel from about 6-12 and then I went on a similar journey to being "perfect" from 12-14 (about now.) I've felt lost for so long and I've felt like I had no purpose so God revealed what he wants for me right now. He wants me to start YouTube and he wants me to change all my social media to glorifying and he just wants me to showcase my growing love for him in every part of my life and honestly, I'm soo scared. But I'm gonna do it. I've filmed a video already but it's not the video God wanted me to film. I was doing the "get to know me tag" but honestly, it was a waste of time answering questions about myself that I knew didn't affect me or mattered to me. I'm going to refilm that video without shame and I'm going to do it in the way He wants because I've been compromising God's plan for me. He wanted me to start my channel in August, gurl. Anyway, this video is what I needed just to know I'm not alone and I believe that God is completely responsible for making this video requssted. I've already watched quite a few of videos but this one, this was what I needed.

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