My story – depression

This is my story about the last couple of years, please do not hate

Here is just a quick update for anyone else who finds this video, it's been 7 months since I published this and, finally, I no longer use my medication! 🙂 Life is excellent and I'm having a great time, last month I had a very bad experience and, instead of letting depression come back and drag me, I fought against it. I hope for a more positive future, thank you very much for all your support. xx

Video credits to LivvyandKatie YouTube channel

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    My story – depression

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    1. Hi my name is sierra and i am getting bullied pretty badly I got told too go fuck myself and go kill my self I have tried too appemt suciad I am 14 years old it is a battle too get trough school everyday with people judging maybe people are right about me I feel alone and scared and it is getting worse by the minute I need help i don't know who too talk too enymore I feel like my world is coming too a end

    2. Maybe you feel alone, many people feel alone like you, I don't have are friend ,I have are family but my family never say how I feel, sometimes I want end my life,,, but I will continue to be strong to survive, dead is not the right way, remember you are not alone with God always with you,
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    3. It really all started in preschool & my mom took me out of it and when I went to kindergarten it continued and it's still continued & I'm in 9th grade. Family members also say stuff like that to me, don really wanna go into it but, yeah family hates me too

    4. 2:45. Try about 6+ years of hearing nothing but "you're so ugly" "you're fat" "you're just like a pig" "you're worthless," "nobody loves you" "you're so damn stupid" "kill yourself, bitch" ….. (& Im 15 going on 16)

    5. You are such a beautiful girl😢 I wish I could be your friend if I would see you in school I would try to talk to you hang out and be your best friend I know how it is Im bullied am depressed and tried to kill myself 5 times pills cutting and jump of a bridge if you need to have someone I’ m here for you Olivia hope you do better honey 😘 I know how you feel

    6. I've tryed to kill myself 6 times burning cuting carving I have clinical depression been on meds for 2 months therapist for a year it hasn't gotten better…
      I've also been bullied 7 years

    7. I don't know if you'll believe my sympathy, so I'll just trying to make you smile.
      I look at a timestamp on the video and I thought the "Bye" sign at the end said "Beua"
      I don't even know how I did that.

    8. Some one come please kill me
      Never happy and have no friends please kill me
      I’m up evety night crying to death I just want to die I’m
      So ugly and
      Fat ugh I want to
      Did please

    9. I know how it feels.your feelings hurt but you can't believe your feel like you shouldn't love you keep trying to kill yourself but it's hard.even for me I'm eleven years old and my uncle committed sucide at a young age..I know it will never get better.

    10. It's Great to see that no one is alone in this world.
      I am still going through my depression but seeing others and how they have managed to push through is amazing 🙂

    11. You are absolutely beautiful dont let anyone tell you otherwise. I go through depression and anxiety too and its not easy to fake being ok when ur not. Keep staying strong and just know your not alone so many ppl go through these things and i feel like bullying and depression, anxiety and any other mental illness isnt looked upon enough. Ppl need to make more awareness. Stay strong beautiful❤️

    12. hi my name is Olivia as well and my story started in the 5th grade when j only realized I was being bullied and then I went from being the loudest and most confident person to being the shyest and quietst and I fell in wanter and this has lead to anarexia

    13. I tell my friends I get sad and I hate my life but they just ignore it saying that theirs is worse bc they won't get asked out and I'm here with abusive parents and I suicidal. I want to die so bad but I'm so scared. I pray for a new life

    14. People think I'm happy because I smile alot but little do they know that smile is fake. Facing a battle between me and depression everyday. It's hard

    15. she has a beautiful smile I wish I can help you and your wisdom has helped me cope with my depression you made me cry

    16. your real smile is so beautiful!!! please check out my newest video, my 7th-9th year was hard too 🙁 but I am doing better, glad to find someone like me<3

    17. this sounds soo much like me, you have given me the courage to try and go to school and get out of bed and stop cutting

    18. I was once called stupid too, so I decided to hurl myself off a bridge. Luckily I'm fine but everyday I think back to when I was called stupid and wished it would go away.

    19. Hey di u ride horses? And btw you are an amazing girl I am a girl just using my brothers YouTube from Mollie xx

    20. aw chloe you massive cutie! thank you so much it really means alot, I am so glad i have friends like you 🙂 same for you i am always available to talk! see you tomorrow im looking forwards to this girly night ;D xxxx

    21. I'm glad to hear you're getting better Livvy! I had no idea this had been happening, I'm always here to talk to, I always was!:) xx

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