My Story – Anxiety, OCD, Depression, and Self Harm | Blessing’s Chats


Hi all! (SEE IN HD) This video is extremely important to me. Anxiety, OCD, depression and self-injury are very close to my heart. I want to help people with anxiety, OCD, depression, self-harm and anything else I can help with. I love helping people and that's why I made this video. I love you all! Follow all my social networks so I can connect with you!

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    My Story – Anxiety, OCD, Depression, and Self Harm | Blessing’s Chats

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    1. Yes you are a strong woman to share your story. Proud of you. I hope you help a lot of others. If you don't talk about it, you can't help others.

    2. hello Blessing
      if you ever are in need of help
      please don't hesitate to reach out
      awesome of you to share! <3

    3. I keep having panic attacks at school for really silly reasons. Like if I forget some homework, or I get told off by a teacher for not concentrating. But I can't help it, I keep dissociating, just leaving my body. I think it's C-PTSD, but I don't know. My home was pretty abusive up until October, when I told someone. When I got in trouble then, it was pretty bad and I guess my brain still thinks that bad stuff is going to happen if I get into trouble now, I don't know. The first one I had was pretty serious, I had some pretty bad nightmares that night and then a flash back that morning and I got scared and stayed in foster care for the night. But now, I just keep getting them for stupid reasons and of course the kids in my form think it's hilarious that I keep having to go out of lessons. They keep asking me what is going on, which is making me panic more and then they just laugh at me more. :

    4. great vid thanks for sharing I have harm ocd, which is a subset of pure o, which for me it centers around my loved ones and gfs I've habituated when it comes to my family and when I go on dates and in public it's fine but I have this weird fear that I'll harm them while alone with them while they're most vulnerable and it is obviously contrary to my views to the furthest degree but what I've learned is that this kind of ocd tends to attack the people that you care about most which in my case a woman that I'd seeing is up there with my mother.

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