My Stepdad Threw Me Out When He Knew What I Did To His Money



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Hi guys, my name is Emma, ​​and I want to confess. I stole money from my stepfather and lied about it. It turned out that I did something good, but still, shhhh!

Let me start at the beginning. My parents divorced recently. Actually, I do not know why they decided to do that. I thought maybe they were too young and passionate when they got married, but now it seems that their feelings are gone. Either way, they separated and divorced. They divided the estate and shared custody of me, and now I live half of the week with my mother and half of the week with my father. It is really very bad, but I have grown enough to understand my parents and overcome their separation.

My mother started going out with another boy, and every day she shone with happiness. But my father was sad. I think he was still getting over his breakup. Soon, my mother's relationship became bigger, and we moved to her new husband's house. Oh, that house is amazing. It is huge and beautiful. It has a fountain and a rose garden in the backyard. It was more a castle than a house. I was so happy with my new home! It was a completely new standard of living! I could swim in the pool, sit in the beautiful garden or invite my friends to a slumber party. But I was not allowed to invite my friends. Actually, I was not allowed to do many things in that house, like listening to music out loud, hanging posters on the walls or even going to certain rooms.

Maybe my stepfather was a good guy, but I wanted a relationship with my mother, not me. So in that great castle I did not feel at home. But in my dad's house everything was even worse. Due to his depression, he lost his job and had to sell half of the things in our house just to live, so it was almost empty. And I've been divided between these two places, basically I did not want to live in any of them. Besides, I felt sorry for my dad. I was very sad all the time and I wanted to help him. My mom was happy in their new relationship, and I decided that my dad just needed a new girlfriend. But she said she can not have appointments now because she does not have the money to take care of women that way. But money is not important! And I was going to prove that.

I created a profile for my dad in a dating application and started looking for a potential girlfriend for him. Soon, I found a perfect candidate. She was the same age as my dad, she is beautiful and also divorced. It was a perfect match! I started chatting with her and very soon, I invited her out. The date was set, we were going to meet at the park tonight. There was not much time to prepare! I snuck into the garden in the backyard, cut the five most beautiful roses and went to my dad's house.

I knocked on the door for a long time. Finally he opened it. I shouted: "There's no time to explain, dad, you have a date tonight!" He was surprised, but this revived him a little. Dad was not ready for an appointment at all. He had a five-day beard and looked tired. We started to prepare in a hurry. While shaving, I told him about the woman I met, what he does for a living, what movies he likes and other kinds of things. In an hour, he was ready to face his potential girlfriend. I was proud of the work I did. My father deserves to be happy after all.
I was interested in how their appointments were going and the next morning I opened the dating application. I was very surprised when I saw twenty unread messages from her. Oh, she was angry! It turned out that my father had just disappeared in the middle of the appointment, and she wanted some answers. And I loved them too. When I went to his house, I found him very sad. "What are you going to do, dad? Why did you leave her?" He said that when he saw that woman, he immediately realized that he still misses my mother and that he is not ready to go out with other people. That's sad. But what can I do? From that moment on, he became really unhappy. Dad spent the whole day reclining on the sofa and looking into space. He got up alone to talk with my mother, when she took me to her house and I had no idea how to help him. I was ready to call a psychotherapist, but after a couple of weeks, something changed.

When I went to visit my dad, I found him walking briskly through the house, and it seemed he was thinking of a plan. When I asked him what had happened, Dad told me that he had an appointment that night, but he did not know how to make it all go well, because he has no money at all. I have not seen my dad so excited for so long, so I decided to help him at any cost.

I went back to my stepfather's house, went into his office and stole some money from his desk.

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My Stepdad Threw Me Out When He Knew What I Did To His Money

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  1. Did she do the right thing? Tell us in the comments below so she doesn't feel guilty anymore. And don`t forget to show this video to your friends!

  2. She is the most luckiest girl in the world how much I wish this could happen to me

  3. Welp they changed the title again
    (it used to be "I stole money from my stepfather and gave it to my dad")

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