My Mental Health Story – Draw My Life. :) (Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Self Harm)

Activation warning: self-harm and suicidal ideation
My training and how I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and OCD.
It's a video of drawing my life because I did not want everyone to get bored with me rambling about me to a camera. 🙂

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Video credits to ShalomAleichem {Mental Health Vlogs} YouTube channel

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    My Mental Health Story – Draw My Life. :) (Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Self Harm)

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    1. Wow I relate to a lot of this.. thank you so much for making these videos, they help me feel less alone.

    2. "Keep staying strong and live with hope, that tomorrow will be better. Because you never know what might be right around the corner, waiting to change your life."

      That is the most beautiful quote i ever heard, i instantly fell into tears when you said that. Thank you!

    3. Great video, sorry you've been through so much 🙁 I did a video on my channel about mental health 😀 x

    4. when I get thought I can't get out my head I sit down and shake my knees and people think I'm so weird so I stop and then I get mad for no reason and go ballistic on everyone. and then they tink I'm weirder.

    5. I don't know it's weird but I feel like I have so many parallels with your story. Honestly, is it worth living? Is it even possible to get better?

    6. Thank you for all you've shared, I've gone/going through like everything you've shared. I'm grateful that I can share your vids to help my friends know what I've gone through cuz it's hard to express everything. I love Yeshua and I'm glad you are messianic Christian too 🙂 I had OCD before I understood Jesus better but I know He's the answer. and thanks for letting Him use you like this. God bless you my friend 😀

    7. I am sorry your school years was so horrible. kids are mini monsters. I wish I knew about you and your channel sooner. =) 

    8. Hi, I want to say thank you so much for posting this video. Coming from someone who experiences the same problems (minus the OCD), you are such an inspiration. I am currently on a medical leave of absence from college because of numerous hospitalizations because of depression/self harm, and it's hard being away from everyone I care about. It's nice to know that I'm not alone with these problems. It breaks my heart that you had to go through a similar situation, but you are so strong. Thank you again for posting this video, you are a kind person and I wish you the best on your road to recovery.

    9. 🙂
      i subscribed.
      maybe when you have a moment
      i'd be cool if you could check out my channel and subscribe back 🙂
      say hi or somethin when you do kay

    10. Great video!!!!! 
      I have a mental health channel here on YouTube where I talk about depression, anxiety, self harm etc.:) , please check it out, some goodstuff, and subscribe! :). You are doing good, keep it up and stay strong 🙂 i just subbed  xo, come on by and recover with me if you would like! Let's stop the mental health stigma together!!

    11. I just wanted to comment on this video again because I stumbled upon it…you are so brave telling your story to the world. Please keep making these types of videos because you could help so many people feel not alone! 

    12. I have a mental health channel where I talk about depression, anxiety, self harm etc. basically I help people recover from mental illness:) stop by if you wish. I would love it!

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