Hello, my beautiful angels,

Today I tell the story of my life as I face depression.
I made this video for anyone who is dealing with depression to let them know that they are not alone and that there are others who understand what is happening. That it is possible to get yourself out.

God bless you, Natalia

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Helping others like me to love, accept and reclaim their true self by creating a welcoming and loving community.

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Video credits to Natalia Talks Depression YouTube channel

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    1. It is so hard to open up about the things in life that hurt you so much, but by opening up someone else will know they are not alone. Someone else will feel understood! So, I want to thank you for watching my life story, it truly means a lot to me! Don't forget to comment below and share this video with anyone you feel needs to hear this! Much Love, God bless you, Natalia!

    2. Natalia, you are so strong to share your deepest struggles. You are a total inspiration and people need to hear your story. Please remember you are beautiful inside and out ❤️❤️

    3. Natalia Macuk I am so so sorry that you had to go through all these suffering. I am also feeling the pain of your suffering and I always wonder why people can be so mean. Why is it that the human race can be so cruel to other humans and so cruel to their own environment. What is it? and why? Natalia I feel ashamed and I wish that I could do something to help to relieve the pain that is caused by these people in your life. You don't deserve this. Nobody on this earth deserves this. I had my own doubts and suffering but when I heard you say that you wanted to stop living it broke my heart. I mean in god's name why so much suffering why do people do these things and what is the purpose of so much misery. You are a braveheart to me. Stepping up and literally picking the pieces of what was left of yourself and starting again with a new life is what I call brave. You doing this fills my heart with compassion and love. This is how we give hope to others. By standing up again and trying to find meaning in your life again, you are showing others that there is hope. Even when you think there is nothing left to live for. There is hope and you should never give up. I really want to say thanks to your husband. I want to say to him that he is a loving man and a hero. He helped you to make that change by showing you that you are worthy of this life and that not everybody is a jerk. Be strong Natalia. Keep doing what you are doing because I think that you are called for exactly this purpose. By fulfilling this task, by helping others you will be helping yourself. God bless you.
      Richard Cabrera

    4. Natalia, you are so powerful and your story is so inspiring. You have a powerful presence and you're turning your pain and life experience into purpose a purpose gifted to you and only you. I can't talk about depression, I can only scratch the surface but you really made me aware in these 25 minutes how painful and how real this struggle is. Thank you for making me aware of this and I really believe that this is just a percent of the knowledge I have around depression from your share there's a whole lot more for me to still understand.

    5. The strength and hope that comes out of this video after so many challenges is amazing. Thanks Natalia for sharing and being a light to so many that will only grow stronger as the years go by xx

    6. That day we met and we were able to share so much more about your life I grew to know you personally. It was the moment of realisation that this needed to be voiced as it affects so many people. Your story is powerful and deeply moving. These moments you experienced gave you deep emotions and projections which affected your decisions and your mirror on the world reflected it all back to you as your reality. This led you to feeling you didn't want to live but lived instead on autopilot with distractions through drinking etc. I can relate to so much of your story being a victim of abuse and feeling totally detached from feeling anything. I hid most of my depression so it didn't affect my mother and my son. I was numb to the outer world. Safety was all I craved, to feel connected, loved and valued. Each day I was unsure if I was to see another. I had many things but had nothing as my life was just a clutter of daily chores and losing myself in being busy with others. I relate to the mask, and to finding a special person who helped me. I just want to thank you for being you and the voice of one who suffered but now is the one offering comfort. That choice to live or die I so connect with. One day it was my 7 year old son who opened the door to receiving the help that was there all the time, but I couldn't face it. His cry for help was heard. We were surrounded by those that had time love and support for us and helped to put us back together again. Six years on from that time I choose to work with those who are in a similar space as I was. It's been a journey of self discovery and connection to finding my way to feel whole again. I love and appreciate you massively for being so vulnerable to help others find a light in the darkness that seems endless. The need for this is huge as each day we see so many fall from life as their pain and loneliness gets too much to bear. This helps people know that there is help and understanding out there. Gives hope and a possibility of meaning to life again. We are blessed to be in your space. THANK YOU. Natalia.

    7. You are so inspirational! I find your strength to speak up and be raw and share hits the very core of me and I feel your work is so, so important in this time when people are in need of the connection and to know it's ok to ask for help. You are a lighthouse for others Natalia. You are an angel to us.

    8. Beautiful Soul ❤️ You…and your work are very much needed in our world. Thank you 🙏🏽🙏🏽😊

    9. I’m so so proud of you for making this and putting it out there. Your strength and determination are so inspiring. The world needs more people like you, you wonderful human. It can feel so hard to talk about this stuff sometimes but you’re absolutely right, we need to. There are so many people right now going through what we did back then who need to know that it’s ok, that they’re not alone. Well done for doing this, big hugs.

    10. Natalia, I was so moved watching this video. So much of it resonates with my personal experience growing up and I feel for you and the pain you went through. You're very brave opening up, and doing so will help so many people who suffer. Being honest and raw is tough.

      It makes me wonder if bullying can lead to depression; I've always surrendered to the fact that it is something chemical and just part of our make up; I'm not sure now. I refused to take medication for my depression and I'm so glad that you're of a like mind that finding a way without drugs is the best solution. Keep doing this amazing work, helping just one person means that you have a purpose. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    11. I am so proud of you for sharing your true story. You are a beautiful angel yourself, Natalia and thank you so much for all the love and understanding that you are bringing into my life!🤗❤

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