My Life Story – Depression, Suicidal, Empowerment, Awakening

This is a summary of my trip through life, sit back, relax and enjoy!
My camera is cut off for the end of the video.

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Video credits to Cole Morrison YouTube channel

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My Life Story – Depression, Suicidal, Empowerment, Awakening

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  1. Cole,
    I recall you made a comment on the importance of nutrition and the supplements you take but can’t find it,
    Can you recommend me a good website for multivitamins or something, I don’t know what I’m deficient in and can’t find the X that I’m missing?

  2. I find you fascinating Cole, one more question l, do you believe in the One God, are you a monotheist?

  3. Cole,
    What is your opinion of urine therapy, the proponents of it argue it’s some sort of magic cure but I’m not so sure?

  4. hmm damn i feel a little jealous of the idyllic childhood, mine was rough and more alienating than anything… but i can see you're a good guy and i agree with the nofap philosophy and i subbed brah

  5. Thanks for sharing this was very inspirational and takes alot of courage to open and be so vulnerable I subscribed, looking forward to more videos.

  6. I think anxiety in general is somewhat part of human evolution. Our ancestors had to be anxious of big predators, anxious about tribes, anxious about the elements of nature. But it should never consume your life.

    I also suffered. Coming from a single parent home, no father, crazy family, being an ''easy target'' because of no strong figure in my life. Dealing with predatory people. The further decline of my confidence. Dealing with puberty, being depleted by masturbation and porn, being mentally depleted by society and the hardships we face.

    But thank god I learned to love my self. I learned to let go of resentment and anger (also important) and slowly my confidence is growing. I am a little bit of a late bloomer. But my motivation is high. I want to improve even more. But I also accept my self.

    We are fortunate enough to have awakened from our illness. Some never do. Empowerment is indeed very interesting. We should always strive for the best, but also accept we can't control the future.

    Nutrition, self love, nofap and exercise help. Choosing to be happy helps. All one can do is try, the outcome we can't control. So no worries.

  7. Beautiful words, man. Glad you overcame your obstacles and gained such strength from it. Keep it up! 🙂

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