My extreme self harm scars – Huge Trigger Warning!!

In this video I'm going to show you my extreme self-injury scars. I hope this does not activate you. Enjoy 🙂
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Video credits to Recov Alien YouTube channel

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    My extreme self harm scars – Huge Trigger Warning!!

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    1. Girl it’s 2018 if you want to get rid there’s laser treatments and so many things never give up on your self

    2. I do it on the inner part in my legs above my ankles and I want to stop so much but I cant…

    3. I have scars on my arms and legs I never told my parents either I'm afraid they will be disappointed. I have new ones as well and I never go swimming or we're shorts,and short sleeve shirts anymore because I'm SCARED to be judged because of it. I never told my parents what I was going trough only my boyfriend knows. I want to tell my parents but I afraid they'll hate me and be disappointed that I did that stuff I want to tell them I've cut and attempted suicide but I'm just afraid.

    4. I don’t know you but I know you’re strong and I’m proud of you for getting through it.

    5. I only cutted twice and my scars are gone. I thought about not getting to wear short sleeves and other stuff that don't cover my wrist.

    6. I’m 9 I self harm myself i feel really bad and I feel like my best friend is going to give up on me

    7. I was like literally watching navy seals go ham like 5 minutes ago. Idk why some idiotic garbage like this came up in the "related video" section. This is ridiculous. Calling her brave is even more ridiculous. To support someone like this is ridiculous. And if you cut yourself, you are an idiot. And to tell people would make you a bigger idiot. I'd do whatever it took to get this liberal safe space bs off YouTube.

    8. You are really a brave girl I did the same in the year2013 because I had fight with my twin sister. i had 17 scar in my left arm. I have used a diy home remedies now 7 spot is remaining.

    9. Do you have remarkable scars from phlebotomy and blood donation with big needle gauge too? Or from self cutting only?
      I read about a young girl, nurse, who died after self blood letting…
      There is people without any fear from needles and blades…
      Is it interesting to see how flows your own blood?!?…

    10. I am still cutting and a part of me loves it but another part is telling me to stop but I cant

    11. I self harmed for the first time today, yes I did. I did it on my thigh just so that no one would be able to see I did it 4 times and now I'm scared because it felt like a a release of pain and I don't want to do it anymore but the feeling I got was liberating it burns right now and I don't know what to do

    12. I watch this whenever I regret cuttin a crown on my chest. So I know that Im not alone and that there are people with Worse cuts.

    13. Well cut yourself again stupid bitch I do hope your scared to go outside. And the next time you cut yourself I hope you won’t be saved because you don’t deserve to live if your doing that…….

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