My Depression Story

This is my story.

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Also, I'm just uploading this on YouTube because it will not load on my tumblr for any reason.

Video credits to Abbie Fuller YouTube channel

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    My Depression Story

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    1. Does anyone else watch these old depression stories and wonder how the person in the video is doing now.

    2. I'm ten years old depressed for 6 years my mom abused me and done drugs non stop I tried killing myself 2 times I jumped off motorcycle I while it was going and I stabbed myself somone called the ambulance right after I stabbed my self and I lived😒still trying can someone give me good tip on how to cut deep

    3. I have depression and i don’t know how to stop it without being a burden to my friends and family.
      Does anyone know?

    4. I am depressed… i felt like no one cared for me and that people in my school only friend me because i was smart and Rich…which i was sad about it….depression came to me when i was 9 yrs old when i was really stressed and that my parents dont believe me and that i was just lying they said mean words to me and said that they would kill me if i lie to them again and that i was just a lazy person and useless but i kept saying i wasnt lying(cause i was telling the truth) but they just wouldnt trust me…so i attempted to admit suicide and choke myself i was scared to think that so i cried secretly at night without them knowing, the suicidal thoughts got worst and i ate more and more, i cry out of nowhere and that i think im useless to the world and i dont deserve to live…they think i have everything but i didnt have the happiness i want…i am now 12 and i am waiting for the happiness and miracle to cure my depression.. and the last message u shown me had me crying because it was touching😭😭😭

    5. Hey Abbie. When I watched this video I cried. You are such a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile and you shouldn't be treated that way. I hope you are okay and if you need to talk to someone I'm here.

    6. Im not sure if shes faking because why would people hate her she seems cool and sweet and she's beautiful

    7. Oh you think you’ve got it bad with your mom my mom is pregnant and she has digestive diabetes and I try my best to be there for her but at times I feel like I’ve wasted her time or made her experience worse

    8. I grew up with a father who was in and out of my life when he was around he hit me with objects in the head call me stupid not good for anything son i tryed every sport from football ,baseball, basketball, soccer, track, none of them made him say he was proud of me i had 3 or 4 concussions most was from my father now he is gone from my life i am 18 stop playinh sports and i been bullied in school before aressted for alot of things before i turned 18 i done alot of stupid things when i was young but now that i am older i stop doing them things and have been working and about to finish high school and move and live on my own soon but thats all i have about my life and the things i been through from 6 years ago

    9. I pray that you heal completely and God bless you in all that you do. Thanks for the video. 🙂

    10. Hello. I wonder what are you doing with your life. It’s very surprising that this was uploaded 5 years ago… please if you are alive reply back !!you are beautiful just the way you are and you look like a kind girl!! <3

    11. I'm depressed but I don't cry I cut I try to let the tears out but….I can't I just can't I try and try but I can't let it out………I'm trapped in an endless pain called "life" and I can't leave it without hurting other's causing the pain that made me leave the world I just can't put it on anyone else and I haven't told anyone that I like..both genders at least not until now and I like my best friend and I love her she helps me smile even when it may be fake…but all good things are taken from you by the evil ones she has a boyfriend who has hurt her emotionally and I wish I could help her but she believes he's sorry when he's says it but I don't think he is and I feel bad for her but if she feels happy with him I guess I support her with it……….

      Your fellow human being-

    12. some how i feel alone some times my family is grate but i get bullied in school for my gender preference my does not now because she hates gays/lesbians my family can also be some what distant my cousin bullys me for my weight and complection so i end up vomitig when i eat i ve talked to some ppl about this but they dont listen all they say is 'mmhm' or 'sure' so i end up cutting myself and i feel good for a short while i wear long sweaters to cover up my scars but im unsucccesful my 'friends' ask me what happen i ussualy tell them nothing ir its marker nothing important do yhea

    13. I hate myself I have no treason to lib di am ugly. I am weak I am worthless. I cry myself to sleep most nights or my anxiety keeps me up other nights. I have harmed myself before and was ashamed bc I have only a few friends that actually cared. My family treats me like shit they neglect me half the time. I feel alone when I am surrounded by people I love. My past has been coming back recently and I am trying to keep it away. I have been neglected for years but just now realizing it my family points out all my flaws. Yes i hav robot been in my depression for a few months but I have already tried killing myself multiple times. Most likely twice a month. Only my true friends know about my but they aren’t helping me get through it. They understand what I am going through but don’t understand why.

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