This past retrograde Mercury was the most intense I have experienced in my life. Click to find out why … xx

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    1. Mercury retrogrades are not always bad. Mercury is the trickster. During a retrograde you can use the energy to influence and in a way trick people into thinking a certain way towards yourself and use it to your advantage. For example you can make people perceive you as being more influential and attractive, which means it makes it easier to get what you want, but not in an evil or underhanded way. The trick is to use the planets energy that it is beaming out, a retrograde is just a different energy the planet puts out so you just adjust to the energy.

    2. how did you find balance? I have the same thing all our nothing, never felt balanced, ever. and I've suffer from depression for over 6 years

    3. thank you for sharing your story! you made me feel good that i am not alone. send you lots of love and light 💜

    4. my boys and I all got a stomach virus during mercury retrograde. and I suffered from the worst bout of depression I've had in a long time. it's been awful

    5. THIS VIDEO. I haven't seen your videos in a while and clicked on this one because #1 I was surprised to see you going through depression and #2 I have been really depressed lately, which isn't normal for me either. So I watched it this morning while I was getting ready for school and wow. You basically illustrated my life at the moment, and it made me wish that we weren't continents apart…it made me wish that I could grab a juice with you and just sit in silence, or just be weird, or just talk about all of this…or nothing at all! Anyway, I feel really weird writing all of this because we don't know each other, but I wanted you to know I FEEL YOU. And I'm not going to die here either…I'm generally not one for counseling, but I'm going to see a school psychologist soon to get this sorted out, because this last week (especially over the weekend) I was basically non-functioning and crying all day…if not in public, then as soon as I got home. This Mercury in Retrograde has been a real bitch!!! Sending you all my love <3 <3 <3

    6. My life has been weird since about a year ago. This past summer has been even crazier. My health went downhill and then my relationships and career did too. It seemed to come out of nowhere! I've hand seemingly random bursts of depression and euphoria. I've been trying to make better choices for myself but I struggle with hearing my intuition. It seems like so many things are out of my control. I know I have a lot of bad habits/ beliefs to let go of (including being a control freak!). Thanks for sharing! I'm glad you know what direction you want to go! Best wishes.

    7. I'm gonna die, you are the GREATEST 😀
      You make my day!!!
      Agh, I need to pay more attention to my astrology.. it makes so much sense. My boyfriend told me I have been acting out of character lately and I have been feeling that people are turning against me and I'm trying to get it out of my head because obviously.. its probably not true and I'm just feeling a little out of whack.
      <3 Hope you have a wonderful day Mel, SPEAK TO YOU SOON 😀

    8. This mercury retrograde has been insane! Don't worry, I feel you and mirror everything you are saying. Thanks for sharing your story, it helps put things into perspective ❤️

    9. The retrograde was BRUTAL, just don't let it get you. When you are running, don't stop! Don't let depression or giving up get a foothold on you – it snowballs until you can't function. It was good though for sorting things out – like the fact that you don't want to live where you are anymore! Find the good, never look at the bad again and move forward to take what you want! 😘

    10. you're so beautiful Mel, really even though I'm so so sorry you had to go through depression, it's so beautiful how sensitive females are to the happenings in the Universe, how we flow with it and choose to learn and change so we can nourish this world the best we can <3 this retrograde hit me with a lot of loneliness, like I couldn't get through to anyone! love you girl, warm hugs <3

    11. I've been going through some of the same things as you! I have had depression for about 9 years so I've learned to deal with it, but the past few weeks have been absolutely terrible, could not function at all. Like you, I knew what could make me feel better but yeah it just was NOT happening haha My phone even did the same thing, it was close to fully charged, then somehow went down to 50-60% and then completely turned off and wouldn't turn back on. Thank goodness everything is tapering off, I'm luckily feeling a lot better also (: Love these videos Mel, you're doing an amazing job. I feel motivated every time I watch your channel x

    12. I don't do astrology but this whole year has been like what you described. I've had hard time at work as there's been lots of changes, I've been very negative and I'm normally fairly positive, I've been doubting my best friends feelings for me, I've been crying loads, I normally run but lately I haven't been. I've been using Emotional freedom technique which has saved my life plus I started listening to the book the astonishing power of emotions and that has really helped to. I'm feeling much better but feel a still have a little way to go to feel like my old self with a new prospective. Thanks for the video. (I done do Snapchat I don't like it) . Xx

    13. If you (or anyone else) wants any help during their ascension process I would love to give emotional support and unconditional love. I have been through everything (and early) to help others in their journey and can give you clarity on what's been happening if you have any questions. Feel free to contact me and browse my blog because I have wrote a lot about this too You are loved <3 😀 <3

    14. my retrograde started with a scary car crash. I cut ties with my ex best friend. I got the flu. etc etc etc. I've learned so much over this retrograde but it has been tough! it's almost like I've had to reset and rethink how I've been functioning.

    15. So nice to see your happy face again Melanie. I've been feeling the retrograde too and I'm happy to see you're feeling a little better

    16. Love your videos! would be so nice to see your morning routine updated 🙂 hope all is good sending all my love xx

    17. Yes! I felt like mercury retrograde affected me the most this time too! Glad to see your feeling better now that it's passed 😘💗

    18. Aw, so sorry to hear that, Mel. But us healers seem to need to experience everything that others go through! Nightmare but then it helps us do our healing, gives us the huge drive! Also, your symptoms sound like when I'm detoxing! I do not want to see anyone, food bloats my belly, I feel suicidal to be honest, not just depressed, dont want to do anything, certainly not exercise… anyway, not detox for you. All best, hope it passes soon xxx

    19. I've experienced A LOT of what you've said. Beating myself up about a deadline, the depression and my toaster broke! I see a kinesiologist who told be to ground everyday too. Hope you're feeling better. I would love to see a morning routine including your self live practice. I like to do abhyanga for myself, an Ayurvedic oil massage, it's luscious xx

    20. great to hear you're in the way up and new things are coming 😆 love you're new ending card too btw 👍😙

    21. I'm so glad you brought this retrograde up. Communication issues forsure last week into Saturday. I knew something was up! And thank you so much for the into to "how not to die" love it♡ Sending good vibes to you♡

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