My Depression Story + How to get over a depression

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My history of depression: being depressed is something that happens to everyone, but it's nothing to keep a secret. In this society, people make it look like they are tired of hearing about depressed people. Some people even feel in such a way that they think you should just put on a happy face and keep it moving. THAT IS NOT WHAT YOU SHOULD DO! You are important and your feelings matter. Depression is serious and important. Do not overlook your feelings and do not keep it bottled. Honestly, you will not overcome a depression by keeping it inside. I know some people do not care but you need to find a way out.

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    My Depression Story + How to get over a depression

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    1. it sounds like you have crappy friends. or confidants. or maybe they just really dont understand depression. ive been clinically depressed since I was 6. im happy i do have some sort of support system though. just my best friend. And my husband. i still dont particularly like talking about it (unless im hiding behind my youtube account, lol) your job and car situation sounds hella shitty. im sorry that happened to you, but im a firm believer everything happens for a reason. maybe your dream job was just a warm up and youll eventually land another that you will love even more. maybe you car situation happened just so you can grow into a stronger person. who knows.

    2. Omg I'm just now seeing this video and this story was kind of like mine when you made this video

    3. This happened to me after my first breakup. My friends just weren't there for me. Instead I went to counselors but I kind of regret that too because I'm trying to get into the military and have to disclose that.

    4. Can I recommend you to watch some of td jakes videos here on you tube they really helped me get over my depression also .

    5. Needed to watch this video ! You really helpful me feel better. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    6. I watched the whole video.  A lot of what you said rang true and it make me cry. Gave me a different way to look at things.  I am having a hard fight this time around and I'm doing all I can to get back to me.  Thank you for making this video and sharing.

    7. This is exactly how I'm feeling now, and exactly how it is when u tell someone how u feel and they just don't get it.

    8. Thank you for this video. I feel like the black community makes depression a "taboo" topic. I'm glad you made this video and makes me feel like I'm not alone.

    9. Thank you for this video. I am not depressed anymore but it comes in all shapes, sizes, ages, and color. Everyone has experienced depression and it is difficult. It was wonderful that you shared your experience. I agree with you. When a person gets depressed they need one person in their life that will just listen to them and not judge them. I am an older woman and back in 2010 I lost my job and it took me two years to find a job because of my age and some other things were happening at the same time. I had no one to talk to because I am very peculiar about who I share feeling with but you know I prayed, started exercising, and I bought fresh flowers. Why fresh flowers, because they represent life, new beginnings, and hope for all things, and they smell good. Those flowers were so calming. I work with many young people at my job for the last four years and I have had the privilege that a number of these young people trust me to listen to them when they have a problem. The reason why is because I do not judge anyone. I listen and tell them everything will be fine and I am here for them if they still need to talk.

    10. It takes a really strong person to share something so personal like this. I'm happy you've taken a negative and turned it into a positive by helping others who may be in the same boat. Great job! AND your makeup looks fabulous! <3

    11. Good video👏👏 I hope you stay strong and keep a good handle on life. I need to work on viewing the brighter side of things because everything depresses me now a days. I gotta get my life together😂😂😂

    12. I get really overwhelmed sometimes when I get stressed. Sometimes I just need someone to say it's okay.

    13. Depression is a real thing and it's something I've definitely overlooked until I experienced it myself. It's just the absolute worse thing. Great video and great tips. Also cool to hear that you're from Atlanta…so am i!

    14. You are amazing ! I really love love love this video. You have no idea how much I needed this. I wish I had a friend like you to talk to everyday. I've lost a lot of friends this year for the same reasons you were stating in your video. Simply being told "get over it" and being balmed for stuff out of my control. You inspired me to one day make a video about my story. Thank you so much and God Bless can't wait to see more videos ❤

    15. Positive mind, positive life <3

      And I agree some people won't understand depression so no point in talking to them about it. Keep your circle small.

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