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    My Depression Story | ASMR Soft Spoken | BetterHelp

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    1. if you ever feeling lonely just remember this fan (me) who dream to be with ya , the day he saw your first video ❤️
      your story is normal you just needed someone who had to give you a push but you did all by yourself and that you should be proud of it ! 😍

    2. I'm months late, but just found this video. I've been suffering from lifelong depression and can really relate to so many of the things you've spoken about. I recently sought out help myself.

      Thank you for your courage and sharing your story! I'm glad you found help and are here to share your story.

    3. Thank you for sharing your story. You are a very beautiful person and its great you are helping others understand depression.

    4. Just looking at your beautiful face has made me feel better. You have the face of an angel my dear. Your eyes are magnificent. Great video.

    5. I'm going through a heavy depression now and having a hard time finding help. I needed this, thanks!

    6. Thank you so much. This needs to be talked about more and the stigma that surrounds depression and associated illnesses must be eradicated.

    7. I love your videos, I love you, I can relate to this 100% and I thank u for this video 💞 stay well gorgeous

    8. Thank you for being brave and opening up about this. I'm glad you were able to get help with dealing with it. Sending my love to anyone who is going through this and hope they get the help they deserve. No matter what anyone says, you are worth it! Stay strong!

    9. Thank you so much for this video! Was so weird hearing some mental issues that I struggle with being said by another person <3

    10. The cycle of anxiety and self-consciousness then self-deprecation and depression, becomes a vicious lonely circle. I suffered and still do to some extent from these feelings, eventually, I hid all of it plus feeling tired all the time, began having disruptive sleep and night terrors. Then as much as I tried to fight it and face things, I eventually physically broke down. I lost everything, I was diagnosed as having narcolepsy and cataplexy. After the initial shock at 27 years old, just knowing what was the matter helped. I got help with the dark depressive elements that just hit me like a brick wall, my therapist was great and helped me with coping mechanisms, but that doesn't mean I`m cured. It is such an insideous condition that grinds away at you, so you have to fight. In every sense, the circle of life goes on. I have to take a lot of medication, stuff to keep me awake, stuff to put me to sleep and stuff to help my depression, without these pills I would just break down and "not rattle as I walk about". The problem is my years studying, becoming a professional Developer and relationships and friends have all been taken away from me through time, its nearly 20 years since I "broke down". Unfortunately as people move on through life I`ve become isolated, even though I did my best not to be, in fact it is a factor that happens to 85% of those who have my condition. I just take each day as it comes, thanks for sharing your experiences, especially your honesty and your dedication to highlighting the "last taboo", which is mental health. Most people I`m sure you might agree sometimes do not have any idea you have to battle against these constant disabling neurochemical imbalances, for years many people have been shocked upon finding out my condition and lifestyle, saying "you never show it" or assumed all is well. I empathise with you and hope you continue on doing this great work. I saw your Ferret ASMR, then this, she is beautiful and I hope both of you are well. THANKYOU.

    11. I can really relate in many aspects to you (felt always & still do very mentally overwhelmed too & same about my body..) , such a honest video you are truly amazing dear & right this topic should be more talked about

    12. Thank you for your honesty, it's not an easy thing to talk about. I went through a similar experience for a number of years, basically from high school till my mid 20s, though my escape from it was due to a few big life changes and surrounding myself with people who gave a bit of tough love on the self-loathing I'd embodied so much. It took years, but looking back now, it's probably been 4 to 5 years since feeling that way, and it's like viewing another life lived by another person.

    13. Oh yes, I know all about depression, and I’ve been getting pro help for decades, and I take anti depresents. But mine never went away so I just have to do containment. It’s very frustrating. You can think it through but when it comes to the social situation itself, pure meltdown. One cannot talk to strangers or do the simplest social interactions. It’s as if some kind of mental limb is missing, and yes, one wonders why to go on and often wishes to die. I still often feel suicidal. It’s certainly a battle and the kind of society we’ve got doesn’t help. We live in isolating times.

    14. It's nice that there is so much more awareness around mental health issues these days. I'm only 36, but the improvements in treatment availability and just the general level of understanding is incredible and much appreciated.

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