My Dad Was Never There For Me

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Tina never knew what it was like to have a truly normal family. Since I was young, since I can remember, I had a father who was never there for her.

She has a wonderful and incredible mother, who has always been there to comfort her, support her and love her, but she simply can not say the same about her father. His father drank too much and it was a real problem that caused a lot of pain and hurt a lot.

Having a father with that kind of problem made her never be able to act or feel normal, or do the typical things that children do, like having extra friends, because she was always nervous that her father embarrassed her, or that she was out and doing things that many of your friends have to do with their parents.

She was often jealous of her friends because they had dads who were there for them, who were part of their lives, and their father was rarely part of her. He was almost never at home, and when he was at home he was not in his right mind.

And even when she was in a "good" state of mind, she closed Tina, her sister and her mother's life. He would simply stay in his room watching television or playing video games almost all the time he spent at home. He got to the point where he felt he had been replaced by his gaming computer. This really hurt her and gave her low self-esteem because it made her feel so unimportant.

The way her father acted and the way he was toward her discouraged her. Most days I was afraid and I was unhappy to go home because I knew I had just returned to a broken and torn family.

One night she was sitting at the kitchen table doing her homework while her mother cooked dinner, and suddenly they heard her father joking with her little sister upstairs. His words were dragged and he was screaming.

But then something amazing happened, obviously his little sister could not take it anymore and yelled at him to stop, shouted that he knew he had been drinking. Tina and her mother were in absolute shock that their little sister had confronted him. Nobody had done that before.

That's when his dad really exploded, yelled at his little sister and accused his mother of telling lies and turning them against him. He went down the stairs loudly and yelled unpleasant things to his mother, then took a glass bowl and smashed it on the floor, looked coldly and angrily at Clementine and went to his room.

After that, everyone stayed out of their way and avoided them, for the most part.

But, a few years later, they took him to the police station. He had never physically hurt Tina or his sister, but he had been so bad for so long, and had said so many terrible and harmful things, that when he was arrested, he actually felt a great sense of relief at seeing him move away from him. police.

After leaving and spending a month living with his own father (Tina's grandfather, grandfather), he returned home and promised that he was better and that he would be a good father again. But that did not last long, and soon he was there again.

This time, Tina felt stronger and started to face him when he was at his worst. She said: "This is not right and I would really appreciate you trying to quit!" But he did not listen, and those few months after arriving home were some of the most difficult moments of his life.

Then, one day, his mother finally had enough and she threw him out, right then, and then filed for divorce. Tina thought to herself, my dad was never there for me.

Mom and Dad divorced, and her mother did all the upbringing, and Tina is recovering little by little, and although it has taken months and months, now she knows and really feels how important she really is, and that she cares, to his mother. , and her sister, and her friends. Now she could have a better life.

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    My Dad Was Never There For Me

    Comments 50

    1. I asked my friends if they wanted to here a magic trick my dad played on me before I was born. I said poof my dad was I'm better off without him..

    2. My dad smokes and he is always angry but he trys to keep it in and now after a couple of years i breathed in his smoke and ive been sick fpr weeks now i feel like he’s gonna die cause he doesn’t quit

    3. omg thats same as me im gonna have to go to court because of my dad soon i hate him always drunk always child abusing me 🙁

    4. I know ur feeling i went through the exact same situation but it had a good ending i and my mom never broke and kept on trying to stop it untill we succeded and he didnt touch alchol since (he was a bit better than the dad in this story but it was pretty had)

    5. My life is the same , my mom and dad got divorced when I was young my dad cheated so we left I live 2 hours away from my dad I still go visit him but I go to my grandma house and he comes over to see me , he never really buy me anything he just tells me he love me and stuff like that , but only thing that matters is that my mom Loves me and my siblings and my family do too 💕🌈❤️

    6. My dad is not there for me either bus the best way to stop being sad about it is forget it your at least we have the rest of our family members😕

    7. My dad was the same too he had a drinking and anger problem he was never there so I cut my arms a lot….

    8. My dad's an alcoholic too only not that much but he can drink 2 whole cartoons of beer

    9. This story speaks to me so much, the young lady who wrote this is a beautiful soul.

    10. I don’t know about u but my parents r divorced and my mom and my dad still love My sister and I (grammar) and my mom remarried and now I have a brother but life is still good in the hood

    11. Some people don’t appreciate this stuff 😢 I’m lucky enough to have a dad in my life 😁

    12. My dad is the same as yours and worse.He never loved my mom or my mom's family (aunts,uncles,cousins,grandparents even though they behaved really good to him).He would always shout and yell for no reason and me and my mom had to bear this (mostly my mom).He didn't care about me or my mother he just cared about himself.I remember when I was around 11 he would force me to do hard things I couldn't like carry a broken oven down the street so we could recycle it bcs he didn't want to do any of the chores.When I finally picked up enough courage I told him how I feel about what he was doing to me when my mom was still at work (my dad would come home earlier from my mom) and he started shouting at me and hitting me.He ended up hitting me so hard that I fell in a comma and the next thing I remember was waking up laying down on a hospital bed with bruises and wounds all over my body but my mom was next to me.After 2 years my sister was born.For a little while things were calm but after a few months he started drinking and smoking and returned into his bad acting and behavior.One day my mom wanted me to take my sister and go to my grandma's house so she could talk wow my dad alone.I knew this was not a good idea so called my grandma to come and take my sister and I hid in a closet in the living room. At some point I saw my dad ready to start hitting my mom so I jumped of the closet stranded in front of my mom and my dad ended up hitting me instead but I was happy that my mum was safe and sound (she was suffering from cancer during that time).My mom was so worried but so happy that I saved her and after that she divorced him. I'm still having trouble with my dad till this day but I'm trying my best to help my mum and make sure my little sister doesn't experience what I experienced!!!!

    13. I'm jealous of my friends too.they have dads who care..but I don't. So I lie and tell them I have a dad who cares too.

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