My Anxiety and Depression Story (inspiring video) How I started my YouTube Journey

My story of anxiety and depression (A very motivating video) How I started my YouTube journey

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Hello creative family. I'm Jiya Singh and welcome to my channel. This channel is for children / adults:
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I started YouTube in a search to find my inner happiness and my "true self". Always remember that things do not really need to be expensive to make a statement. A creative mind can always come out! (New videos weekly).

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    My Anxiety and Depression Story (inspiring video) How I started my YouTube Journey

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    1. Hey Creative Family💕 I forgot to mention that I was also suffering from Postpartum Depression at the same time.
      Today I am sharing a very personal video with you because I want to remind you that if you are ever having a hard time in life don't stress about it. Everything is gonna be ok one day.
      Always have a positive attitude towards life and be a fighter. Never give up. Take care all. 💪💋

    2. The story I tell happened to me over 35 years ago.
      I am a professional tree climber. At the time, I worked for an outfit that pruned limbs away from high voltage lines.
      The woman of my dreams had just left me. I was deeply depressed. We had been engaged for 6 months when she found another man.
      My crew was on lunch break. I was contemplating suicide as the other two guys talked and laughed. They were ignoring me.
      It would have been so easy! I was working within 6' of a 7.2 kV power line. All I had to do was reach out and grab it. Death would be very painful but very quick.
      As I contemplated ending my life this way, as my crew ignored me, I felt eyes burning into me.
      I looked up and saw a cardinal gazing at me, no more than five feet away. The beautiful red bird held me in his gaze a few moments longer, then flew away.
      Obviously, I didn't kill myself that day, nor any other until the present day.
      A simple bird saved my life with his steady gaze. He seemed to say, "Dude, are you crazy?!"
      Well, I was a bit. But not that crazy. Whatever my faults, I didn't deserve a death sentence!
      Still don't.:)

    3. Okay here a long story so if u want to read it feel free
      I developed anxiety in 4th grade. My hair would fall out in chunks, but only my mom noticed. My dad was not in my life. They are divorced. In 6th grade I was admitted into a mental hospital at night. I cried myself to sleep in a dark quiet room, but I made some friends there. Then I had to go back because I felt suicidal again. Now I just hide my feelings from my mom since her brother died and I don't want to make It worse. Any tips?

    4. Ur strong girl n wat ur doing on youtube is to be proud ur chanel is hit now .dnt think u feel lyk that

    5. Jiya I went through a sad period too. Little did I know what God had in store. I was always starting and quitting things due to fear. I quit celebrity gossip on Youtube and moved to a more positive place. Let's connect again. My insta @gretalamfel

    6. Thts gr8 you fought with ur inner demons & came out of it!!! I knw its not easy process!!! You focused ur energy into something positive thts really inspiring!!! Inspiring gal😍 Stay blessed😊 My purpose in life is to. Spread happiness rest you knw my story😊

    7. I felt a similar way.. I never got a job yet, and I spender time on social media. There were bad people, it was horrible. And then one of my online friends betrayed me and started hanging out with them. He hurt me then and he hurt me even more. I suffered because of him and the others.

    8. I just shade a tear for you my lovely friend. You are an inspiration and God given gem for the world thank you for sharing that and able to turn negativity to positivity but still grounded. I think my purpose in life is to inspire people.

    9. I had experience postpartum depression after i gave birth to Caleb. I am still afraid it may come back again this time on my 2nd pregnancy. But there’s more to do than do let my anxieties and fears overcome me. We just have to rely on God’s will on our life to know our value and purpose in life. Thanks for sharing and creating beautiful things with us! 💕 @dinelynn09

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