My Antenatal Depression Story – Pregnancy Update

Because you do not talk enough. Share your stories about especially prenatal depression. #the pregnancy

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    My Antenatal Depression Story – Pregnancy Update

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    1. I felt and feel the exact same way. It's such a struggle to feel so upset and yet love your baby so much all at the same time

    2. I want you to know that my wife is going through this. 12 weeks 5 days. Your video is how she asked for help. Thank you. Thank you so much.

    3. I’m really glad I found this video. Thank you for posting this. Knowing I’m not alone with this made me cry lol. I hate feeling so alone and like I’m going through this by myself.

    4. Hi y’all, i am a 22 year old single Mama-to-be. I suffer from major depression and anxiety, please check out my latest video. I would really appreciate y’alls feedback & support. Thank you a bunch. 💜

    5. I'm so happy to know I'm not the only one who feels like this! This is exactly how I've been feeling! Thank you so much for sharing your story!

    6. Thank you for making this video. I cried because everything you said is how I feel and I thought maybe I'm crazy or it's just hormones. Because this is my 3rd pregnancy and I'm 20 weeks and ever since I found I was pregnant I didn't feel that connection and that happiness that i felt with my first two kids. I'm 26 years old my kids are 5 and 3 and it's been hard with also being diagnosed with gestational diabetes early in my pregnancy. Being put on a strict diet having to poke my fingers every day multiple times. I feel miserable and lonely at times and I feel like a failure of a mother to my kids and to the one growing inside me. I don't have any of my family near me for support. The only family I have here is my husband's but they aren't very supportive. With my first 2 pregnancies they were extremely supportive but things have changed and I feel it and it makes me feel even more lonely. I only have my husband but he is always gone working and I don't have have any friends here in this city. I wish we could live closer to my family. Thank you again for sharing.

    7. thank you thank you thank you! you speak the truth of my heart <3 I'm 28 weeks and reaching out for help this week.

    8. Thank you for making this video. I appreciate your honesty and openness. I have been feeling guilty for feeling this way and it helps knowing I am not the only one. Loosing control of my body is also super scary for me and it has been hard. Thank you again for your words!

    9. I'm 8 weeks. I'm coping with the pregnancy physically fine the symptoms have been minor and with the tiredness I'm tired all the time pre pregnancy anyway haha but mentally it's hit me hard I feel like I've lost connection with my friends because their busy with their lives and I feel like I'm sinking in a hole I started to have social anxiety again but I don't wanna stay in bed all day so I try to keep normal by working and going out of the house even if it's just the shops I know how shit I'm feeling will pass because I totally relate to you in this video there are sparks of joy when you feel connected to the baby so true this is one of the biggest things to go through in life just got to take it easier

    10. thank really missing my mother and everything you said was spot on. every time you spoke to the audience directly i cried i needed this so desperately and your courage has made a huge difference in this world. thank you for the encouragement & honesty 🌹

    11. Thank you so much for sharing this! I am pregnant with my second one and I have horrible nausea for 4.5 months straight now with days when I can't get up the bed and a few ER visits. Nothing helps me and that really started taking a toll on me. I had tough time with my first one as well – very similar to what you are describing, but this time it is all these feelings "on steroids". And the worst part is all of my friends loved being pregnant and were happy and excited throughout their pregnancies – I mean I am very happy for all of them, but none of them can quite understand what I am going through, so I feel so lonely with these feelings… And constantly feeling guilty and like I am failing everyone is not helping. So I want to thank you and everyone else who was brave to share their stories in comments – I do feel less alone now.

    12. My situation is something. im not pregnant. but after watching familly/vlogs/forum…I know I wont enjoy being pregnant. I know I will be depressed.
      I want a kid so bad but dont wanna go thru pregnancy

    13. I'm so glad I found this video. I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant and finding pregnancy really tough. My boyfriend left me last week so the realisation of becoming a single mum at 21 has hit me. I can't eat, sleep and constantly feel down. I have no interest in going out with my friends anymore, I just want to stay at home on my own. Pregnancy is supposed to be such a happy time in a women's life but for me it's been the worst and I hate it. I feel like a failure too, for not feeling maternal. I've not been diagnosed with depression and I know others have it a lot worse but I'm glad I found your channel. Thank you

    14. I started bawling halfway through your video. I'm pregnant with my second child. And it wasn't planned. I'm actually due 1 day after my oldest 2nd birthday. I couldn't describe better what goes through my head. Only I'm also incredibly resentful towards this pregnancy.I don't want to be pregnant. I don't want to give up my body and myself. When I got married I moved to a differs continent for my husbands work. I don't have family around. I don't have friends. I don't get out of the house. I'm afraid that I'm going to vanish and only me mom. That there's no "me" going to be left after this child. And I'm getting so frustrated so much easier towards my oldest. I can't deal with it. But I also am trying to hide it. I only told my husband I'm homesick. But that's only part of the truth.
      Thank you for posting this video. Thank you for telling me your story. I'm afraid to talk to anybody though. I don't know what to do.

    15. Thank you for posting this. There was not a single woman in my life who could relate to me, and well meaning friends would tell me "You'll forget how bad it is and want another" which only served to minimize my feelings. Hope you're well.

    16. I'm so glad you posted this. I feel like I'm going crazy. I don't know if I have depression, or if my life just sucks. Everyone says I'm hormonal. I'll give you the short story. I got pregnant with my 6th baby post sterilization. Lost my job due to morning sickness. Going to be a grandma same week my baby is born. Lost my car. Hubby changed jobs. I don't see another adult all day until about 7pm. I go to bed at 9. Now, I have a condition called Pubic Symphasis Diastasis. My pubic bone is literally separating and it hurts like nothing else. So now, I can't clean my own house, or lift my 3 year old. And, I have Gestational Diabetes, so I've gained no weight at 21 weeks, but the baby is healthy. I love my children, all of them. But all I do is cry. All day. My husband can't tolerate it. My kids don't want to deal with it. I ask for a few dollars here and there and have to ask my husband to drive me any place I want to go. He almost always says no. No one comes to visit, because I live very rural. I don't know if I'm clinically depressed, or just in a bad place temporarily. I just feel like a completely useless brood mare with absolutely nothing to offer my family or anyone else. And my house looks like a hoarder because no one will clean it correctly. Don't I sound like fun?

    17. Great video, thank you for the insight 🙂 Hope you and your baby are doing well. Off topic but you have the most beautiful eyes! x

    18. Thank you for making this video. I know I must have been hard for you to open up the way you did, but I do believe you have helped not only myself, but many women around the world. It means a lot to me to know that I am not alone because I have had some of the same feelings. It's hard because having those feelings in my experience made me feel so guilty and I would cry myself to sleep and felt like no one fully understood. So thank you so much for being real and for being so strong! ❤️

    19. i am so glad you posted this , i am currently feeling just what you described , i currently feel awful about it , i dont yet feel a connection and i literally hate being pregnant … thanks for sharing this , it helped knowing i wasnt the only one xxxx

    20. Thank you so much for making this…I finally searched depression and pregnancy…yours was the first video I have watched and everything you said is exactly how I feel right now.

    21. Thank you so much for making this video, you said all the things that I need to hear right now ❤️

    22. I doubt you will see this but your channel is awsome and this video is incredibly accurate, I make mental health videos on my channel and I'm currently trying to get some guest speakers on my channel, let me know if you are interested

    23. I am 3wks and had the same feelings. sometimes I was happy but I am really depressed and craby most of the days. Seems the slightest things annoy me. My family and friends just doesn't understand and says it's my hormones going crazy. when my husband sees me crying or in a bad mood he says that I really never wanted to have his child. The thing is it's not about the baby it's just the way I feel.

    24. Thankyou Lauren I too am suffering from Antenatal Depression I am currently 20wks today with my first .

    25. I feel I failed my third time around because my first two were GREAT pregnancies…so I was CLUELESS and SHOCKED that I was numb my third time around. I hear ya loud and clear Momma. Pregnancy is the hardest thing ever! physically and emotionally… Cyber hi5 Girl…youre a lot stronger then you give yourself credit for

    26. I don't see any failure about you. I see somebody who is so real, wise, articulate. The diktat of society, medias and  people's fear of authenticity is turning us into automatons, stepford wife. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing somebody truely diving into their feelings, nothing more  humbling when somebody share those feelings with you. People who accept the depth of their pain will one day experience the deepest joys, unaltered by years of numbing themselves. This is why i wish you. thank you

    27. Thank u for posting this Iam now 6 months pregnant and I cry all the time at min I kept it so hidden even from my partner and I have suffered depression before but it's bad this time after reading and watching this I have seek help and having treatment thank u for telling ur story xx

    28. I'm going through it now and its scary you feel so worthless and a huge let down BUT when my daughter kicks I snap back and I talk to her

    29. In the USA everyone talks abut post partum depression but no one talks about this. I have felt so guilty and full of shame, thank you for sharing. i feel less alien.

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