My Anger Triggers ❤ My Anger Diaries #3

Welcome back to my channel! In this episode of My Anger Diaries, I thought about pointing out some of my main anger triggers and why they affect me. What are some of the things that make you angry? Comment below.

If you have similar problems, know that you are not alone and that there are many sources that can help you. See sources and tips below.

How to be calm by Anna Barnes:

Mental health charities and support networks:
❤: Mind's website is brilliant for general advice, but it also has an A-Z mental health tab where you can find information about your particular problem. They even have a section of anger!
❤ I wrote "mental health organizations" on Google and I actually came up with a local one. Maybe I try to do the same. My local site is
❤ – Changes offers several meetings in my local area. Consider finding a meeting near you if you feel the need to talk about your problems.

Mental health help lines:

My mental health episodes:

Anger management playlist (only ten minutes in total because, as I mentioned before, they are SO few and far between!):

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Edited in VSDC Video Editor, Free Edition.
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Filmed on Samsung j5 2017.


See you soon with another video!

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My Anger Triggers ❤ My Anger Diaries #3

Comments 19

  1. I also have a lot of anger triggers too haha you're not the only one! Yea drivers suck sometimes, great video as always Sam keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I agree with you that we shouldn't compare mental health issues and we don't live in each others heads. Your truth is powerful.

  3. Getting things off your chest is a very good thing for the soul, holding things in is bad. This was good, cute dog btw I would choose prison over killing him anyday 😊

  4. This was such an awesome idea Sam, nothing like a vlog series that can help you vent. There are alot of things that piss me off too, especially how people drive…. If the light is green just go!!!! haha another thing are customers at my job who don't know what aisle they are in ahhhhhhh.

  5. It takes quite a bit to get me mad, but I do get a bit riled whenever customers keep implying I don’t know how to do my job whenever something doesn’t scan properly

  6. I honestly don't feel anger very often, but one of my triggers is mouth noises (eating, clacky voiceover, etc.) – like, it's so irrational but I can't help it lol

  7. omg my memory problems are so gonna make you mad, lmao – genuine memory problems (shrunken hippocampus due to fibro). I am most likely to forget what you've told me – not because I don't care or haven't listened. But I am so with you – I hate it when people just don't listen, especially when they ask a question and don't bother to listen to the answer! Why would anyone say your vegan food looks gross?! Most of the time I'm jelly lol.

  8. I get mad when someone can act really stupid including myself like why do that. I also have road rage cause some people just can’t drive. I also get angry at myself from my ptsd like why can’t you just be normal. You made some great points Sam as usual!

  9. Oh mannnn I relate to so much of this! When my U.K. visa (and, therefore, life) was denied, I had all sorts of rubbish thrown at me like “oh well, one door closes, another one opens” and stuff like that. But the worst was someone telling me, super nonchalantly, that she and her husband might move to Scotland for a while because he got a job offer – like it’s no big deal, nothing exciting, whatever. And I was sitting there like “you literally have my life in front of you and you’re not even excited about it, let alone respectful of the fact that you’re smashing my heart into a million pieces”.

  10. I know what you mean by mashing the words together! Lol! Man, I can totally relate to that. People do have different communication styles and it can be challenging to understand them. Sometimes I have to recap what they said to me so that I make sure I don't misunderstand them.

  11. I hate the "it's not that bad" "what do you have to be depressed about?" logic. People legit just don't/can't understand. Very frustrating.

  12. Yano what I never got about malfoy' his first scene in the philosophers stone film was meant to make you think he wasn't nice but …all he really did was insult someone (ron) after ron BLATANTLY laughed at his name in front of a crowd of people when he was just introducing himself…all he did was stick up fo himself #justiceformalfoy

  13. I wear jumpers quite often- I wonder if people think I'm wearing a dress ….I mean, sometimes they're right I wear those occasionally too but , I refuse to have people mention my dresswearing habits UNLESS i'm wearing a dress in that moment

  14. Depression is a very complicated and sensitive topic. I shall not trust your word on slytherins. Never lol.

  15. #getmadwithsam makes a comeback! tell ya what, it doesn't quite make me angry but I don't like how double negatives are the norm
    'i haven't done NOTHING' ….oh so you've done something then?! that's what you said. Know exactly what you mean by the not listening bullcrap one of mine friends the other day, after he referenced some obscure fact that he got wrong went 'did we ever find out what the real answer was' …I told him the real answer IMMEDIATELY after he got it wrong in the first place. What a cretin.

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