MTHFR and Depression: the Folate and BH4 Connection

In our society, too many people face depression every day. Largely due to the high level of stress, high toxin content and poor nutrition of modern life, this health problem continues to grow. Depression is so common that sales of anti-depression drugs win billions for pharmaceutical companies every year. In addition, dangerous antidepressant medications are now being used to treat children up to the age of five, with little consideration for long-term damage to their young nervous systems.

There is a growing interest in knowing how the methylation cycle can cure brain problems such as depression. But what is less understood is WHY methylation vitamins like B9 and Folate help treat and eliminate depression. In this video, Dr. Rostenberg explains in detail how methyl folate eliminates depression. He teaches the science behind why taking methyl-folate vitamins (5MTHF) increases serotonin in our brain. Interesting and timely things!

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    MTHFR and Depression: the Folate and BH4 Connection

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    1. Im going thru bad brain fog /depression and bad fatigue eventho i sleep my 8hrs ,eat a keto diet and exercise regularly. I was taking opiates and later suboxone for 10yrs total and quit 5months ago. Idk if its paws ? Or my brain chemistry is just fucked . im taking kratom for energy so i can work and stay productive but its not enough. I also take supplements like 5htp , dlpa ,tyrosine but i still wake up feeling like a zombie . getting really sick of feeling like this and need help please ;( what's wrong w me ? And i havent taken antibiotics for like 2yrs cuz i take herbs for my immune system

    2. Also, I just read this on another site: "Any folic acid we ingest must be metabolised (converted) into Dihydrofolate (DHF), Tetrahydrofolate (THF), and THEN finally into L-methylfolate (5-MTHF) to be used in the body." so maybe the diagram needs adjusting or?

    3. This is great work, thank you so much. I am so new to all this, just got my gene report and trying to figure out my health problems. You explain very well, I looked at the diagrams alone and couldn't work them out, thanks!

    4. if 70% of the whole methylation cycle is used to make CREATINE, why not skip the whole lot and just take pure creatine to help everybody ?

    5. Did you test the serotonin levels of your patients? How do you know it's low? Dopamine and norepinephrine are equally important. SSRIs do not work for everyone which points to other causes of depression that are not serotonin related.

    6. i have been put on antibiotics way more than just five times, i would say 15 times i have run antibiotics in my lifetime, i used to be sick very often, now i have depression and motivation issues, add and vocal tics, i use st Johns wort

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