MOST Mucoid Plaque OUT & Parasites REMOVED to date! [Warning! VERY GROSS!!!]


This is my BEST video yet! The most mucoid plaque and parasites to date!

Flood gates are OPEN!



1 tablespoon food grade diatomaceous earth

1 spoonful of psyllium husk powder (I've also used whole peels, both work, but I think the powder could be getting more out of it).

1/4 teaspoon of activated carbon powder (Before obtaining this powder, I used Nature's Way AC in capsules, 2 of them, open for powder).

1/4 teaspoon bentonite clay


Freshly squeezed juice of half or a whole lemon (It depends on taste for you I like to use a whole lemon when I include aged urine to help mask its taste).

Organic Concord grape juice of 6-10 oz. (Depends on the amount you need to lower it and mask the taste of aged urine).

1-2 tablespoons of aged urine (optional but VERY POWERFUL)

I combine dry ingredients in a bottle of kombucha (glass bottle with lid).

I combine the liquids in a measuring cup.

When I'm ready to drink it, I poured the liquids into the glass bottle and quickly put the lid on, shook it very well and drank it as fast as I could because the psyllium husk powder begins to thicken WITHIN THE SECONDS.

When I used to use whole psyllium husks, it did not thicke so quickly. I'm getting a much more mucoid plaque since I switched to powder, but that could also be because I'm doing the protocol of Dr. Jennifer Daniels Candida Cleaner using 100% pure gum spirits. I got excellent results with whole shells, too.

If I wait too long and it gets too thick, I add more juice or structured distilled water and shake it again to dilute it.

The free report of Candida Cleaner by Dr. Jennifer Daniels has the protocol that I am doing and can be found at

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2018.02.07 [BM] 22:10 [CUE] 39:45 (open mucoid plaque flood doors)

Video credits to Loopy Poopee YouTube channel

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    MOST Mucoid Plaque OUT & Parasites REMOVED to date! [Warning! VERY GROSS!!!]

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    1. i flushed a huge amount from simply urine fasting. a little under 36 hours later i flushed out what seemed to be all of my mucoid plaque. i felt an openness in my colon, an expanding feeling from what im thinking is nourishment and hydration of the colon

    2. Wow!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!! This video is very informative and amazing! I don’t have a juicer but I have a blendetec. I’m gonna smoothie feast on green smoothies for 90 days and add the binders/turpentine to my feast as well. I need some deep cleansing and healing. Wanna get the bugs and worms out. I’m a junk food vegan but today I did the unthinkable and succumbed to IHOP. 🤦🏿‍♂️ I can not wait to start my feast on March 1. Thank you for this inspirational video again!!!

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