Most common cause of depression, food allergies

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Food allergies are the most common cause of depression. Joan Mathews-Larson, PhD

The most common cause of depression and most mood disorders, including many schizophrenics, are brain allergies caused by the foods we are allergic to according to Joan Mathews-Larson, PhD, author of Depression-Free, naturally : 7 weeks to eliminate anxiety, despair, fatigue and anger in your life.

She points out that getting people to avoid the foods that they are allergic to has provided the most amazing recovery from depression that Dr. Larson has seen in more than 30 years.

What you keep out of your body is as important, sometimes more important, than what you put in your body, Dr. Larson points out.

What you do from the first day is to eliminate all the refined sugars, all grains that contain gluten, dairy and nicotine.

She notices that she has seen

"I've seen transformations faster [recovery from depression] so we keep out of our body [avoiding foods that a person is allergic to] than what we put in our body [taking nutritional supplements]," notes Dr. Larson.

She notes that by making a person avoid eating foods to which he is allergic, he has seen:

panic attacks stop
suicidal ideation fades
confused thinking clears
anger abate
hear voices stops

When you tell someone, I do not want you to eat wheat and dairy products, and they tell you there is nothing else to eat, so it's someone who is very allergic to wheat and dairy products, says Dr. Larson.

This was pointed out by Joan Mathews Larson, PhD in a speech she gave in September 2007.

For more than 30 years, Joan Mathews Larson, PhD has been treating addiction, anxiety and depression with natural supplements to correct the underlying biochemical problems that cause these conditions.

Dr. Larson is also the author of Seven Weeks to Sobriety: The proven program to combat alcoholism through nutrition.

Information about Dr. Larson

Joan Mathews-Larson, PhD

Book of Dr. Larson

Depression-free, naturally: 7 weeks to eliminate the anxiety, despair, fatigue and anger of your life

Seven weeks for sobriety: the proven program to combat alcoholism through nutrition

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    Most common cause of depression, food allergies

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