MOOD ELEVATION: Mood Support, Music For Persistent Depression, Anxiety, Natural Help

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This music has been designed to help those with persistent depression and anxiety. Its objective is to correct a hemispheric asymmetry that is common in depressed individuals. This can be achieved with the help of isochronic tones. (Reproduced in stereo in the left and right ear – different tones)

People with persistent depression tend to have an overactive right (emotional) hemisphere. This session, therefore, reduces activity in the right cerebral hemisphere, while increasing the activity in the left hemisphere, gives more control to the left brain (logical) and reduces irrational and excessively emotional thinking patterns.

HEADPHONES ARE REQUIRED for this music to work. Music will not help everyone, just like medicines will not help everyone, but it can help and it's worth trying.

I strongly recommend listening to this for a period of one month, 2 times per day. Over time, new neural pathways can be formed that can help you overcome depression.

For more beautiful music to help depression, please visit:

I hope this helps and, at least, can work together with other programs to help you naturally in your quest to overcome depression.

Video credits to Jason Stephenson – Sleep Meditation Music YouTube channel

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    MOOD ELEVATION: Mood Support, Music For Persistent Depression, Anxiety, Natural Help

    Comments 47

    1. I'm not gonna lie to you I'm really dead in real life I lost my girl 😞and I was heart broken nothing can fix me I'm slowly giving up on life and my family hate me and I have nothing to do I'm a burden to everyone and they just hate me everyday at my school people tell me to kill myself and I have tried hanging cutting but they all failed so I'm just gonna jump so im planning on taking my life sometime till then I don't know…😥😢😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔I love you mom and dad💜💜💝💝😘😘😭

    2. This brings back so many emotions and situations al at once. My uncle passing away in ‘06, my parents arguing, my grandmother passing last year, my other uncle’s surgery, some friends I had in high school who have passed on, and other emotions.

      Reason why I stopped here was because this helps me sooth the mind and soul due to constant arguing going on in the house. And on top of that, my little sister had to witness all this and go to school unhappy and scared. That’s what concerns me. I don’t want my little sister going to school sad because she deserves to go there and be happy and hangout with her friends.

      I’d take a bullet for my little sister any day. She means the world to me and I don’t want her to feel sad because of what’s going on at home. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to talk about what happened the next day because we both end up in tears. It hurts us just by talking about it and I hope this all ends soon so we can be a happy family once again.

      My little sister once asked me, “is mommy and daddy going to live separately?” And that froze me on the spot. It’s crazy how children can grasp onto the littlest things and be able to take in a lot of information. I would have to constantly take my pup and my little sister out to the park whenever my parents started arguing because of how loud it gets.

      With that being said, I just want it to stop. I don’t want to set an example like to my future children. I don’t want to be like my father who suffered through a lot and always yelling at me and my sister for no reason. I want to be the best father possible and love my future wife as if she were the last women on Earth.

      Thank you for this video. This was very much needed and I hope I get to feel happy once again and go out with my family like we used to. I miss that. 😞🙏🏻

    3. I'm going through a rough time lately while serving in the IDF
      I almost broke my hand from punching my wall because of so much anger in me that I can't find any way to let it out. I'm here just feeling bad all the time. Anger, sadness, more anger. I'm a positive person, but I can't find my way to be positive right now.
      This music helped me to fall asleep last night with dry face for once.
      Thank you.

    4. This helps me with my anxiety with people. I really love this, it just crushes the feeling of worthlessness away for a period of time.

    5. Thanks for the music it helped me feel better ever since my girlfriend broke up with me I've been depressed

    6. I just finished and ummm…. after I checked… I'm just as depressed as before 🙁 fml Why did I expect this to actually work…

    7. I'm 21 and in college away from home, so I miss my family a lot because I don't get to see them and I didn't know anyone here but made some good friends this semester but I just found out that they are all going to a different college for next semester and ill be alone again…… it was a rough morning to say the least but this helped me.

    8. Listening to this made me feel like I was in a large autumn forest chasing something that was always barely in view but constantly out of my reach. It's a sobering, yet somehow… comforting feeling.

    9. Recently, I have been thinking a lot about my depression and I hate to admit that suicide keeps popping up into my head but this music has made me realise there is a life to live. Thank you, u have saved me xx

    10. By the way, we are having amazing results using ketamine injections. It pulls people out of depression and they start feeling happier within 1 hour rather than 2-4 weeks with anti-depressants. I'm at the Atlantis Clinic in Oldsmar, Florida
      I'll let you know how the patients react to the music which seems very relaxing and positive.

    11. I give ketamine treatments and I'm going to try this music for my patients as the music I play for them seems to make a big difference in their experience.

    12. I feel very depressed and want to sleep all day
      Its destroying my life and my loved ones are so sad

      This music was calming
      How do you get out of this mess

    13. Thanx a lot Jason,u are saviour.🙏,whenever I feel depressed,I watch your videos,they so relaxing.
      Now bcoz of you my depression has almost gone,and I am leading a really happy and peaceful life now
      Thanks a lot man,hats off to you for such great work✌️

    14. The reason I clicked on this video is because I have been just recently having depression and the past week I couldn't stop crying.I'm really scared about friends' and relatives' deaths. This is really helping me! Thank you so much!!!! Now I don't have to cry for 2 hours straight

    15. I'm listening during work and it's helping me concentrate a bit. Regular music distracts me a lot. Thanks for uploading 🙂

    16. this is actually helping me a lot wow thank you so much. i was so ready to relapse and now im smiling and doing something i love

    17. Thanks for this. I've been listening for the past week. I have been in a very depressing mood lately due to personal issues and this kind of calms me down and makes me forget about the issues in my reality. I'm hoping to get better everyday! Remember stay alive everyone! ❤️

    18. I feel so lost…
      -I can't do anything..
      -I feel like my head is going to blow up!
      -Just when i try to erase the sadness,it just comes more and more sadness…

    19. Tbh I don't know if I have depression, I am just so tired everyday. and sometimes. i think to commit suicide. sometimes I feel down. sometimes I feel I should be dead.

    20. I just want to all those here that would describe themselves at depressed. It's a choice. YES. IT IS. Being happy, being Sad. It's a choice. Choose not to be depressed. Choose what then? Choose to be Appreciative. Choose to be Greatful. Life teaches us all lessons. Most importantly than LIFE TAKES WORK, death is the easy part. If you are depressed and don't know why. I understand choosing to be happy isn't so simple. Like choosing not to be hungry without any food on an empty stomach. Certain conditions need to be Met. It's time. Meet those conditions. Arise to the challenge of LIFE, and put in some WORK. Don't work for a company, don't work for money. Work for YOU. Work to feel better about who you are by working hard to make a better you. Anyone reading this knows EXACTLY what im talking about. With the proper energy focused into the right places. ALL LIFES PAIN WILL SUBSIDE. Of course it will return one day, but then it's just another opportuity to get back to work. Fighting depression takes work. That's why they call it "Fighting" depression. You can do it. Keep up the Fight, after a while, it shouldn't feel like such a struggle. You'll understand the task at hand. Namaste and shit to all my kin folk. You can do it.

    21. This has been my saviour I 2 weeks I have felt so much bette and wish I could put it onto my iPad but I am just not up to it cara

    22. This music really works! I listen to it every morning and it makes me feel better. Thanks so much for putting it on Youtube!

    23. I'm not depressed but I just got into a heated argument with someone close to me and feel terrible about it.

    24. it really help my anxiety n loss of appetize once a while. it hard actually but with this. make my life simple a bit but before sleep .do u go to bed with your earphone on or rather do this before u go to bed ?

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