(Mirtazapine Review) My Story About Depression and Taking Mirtazapine/Remeron

Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with Depression when I was in my twenties and I needed to take antidepressant medication and attend therapy to help with my healing. I have tried both natural and pharmaceutical medicine to treat this, but the most potent medicine I took was Mirtazapine (Remeron). In this video, I talk about how I ended up taking this medication and why. I discuss what side effects I had about myself and other background information.

If you are considering taking Mirtazapine, watch this video for educational purposes and discuss your options with your doctor.

I want to help others on their trip because I am currently without medication and I no longer have depression or anxiety. I want to help others overcome these problems so that I can live a more fulfilling life.


Video credits to Simply Elated YouTube channel

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    (Mirtazapine Review) My Story About Depression and Taking Mirtazapine/Remeron

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    1. good for you… this is a very helpful video for those thinking about going on mirtazapine…thanks for the upload I just started on 15 mg today I hope it works well for me as much as it has for you

    2. Little Known Facts

      Most people believe that psychiatry is exactly like all the others in the medical field, the Objective diagnosis is based on tests in the same way, and That is the real cure diseases by Using medications. In fact, different from both the psychiatric diagnoses and therapies Such as cancer or diabetes diagnoses enormously, Because of Mental Disorders are not detected in any biological "diseases" That Could be psychiatric "medication" by Using the "cure".

      Here, you can access a number of Little-Known Facts of modern psychiatry, Which should be familiar every patient, physician, and politician.

      1. The Claim That frequent psychiatric drugs to help normalize the biochemical balance of the brain, it is not true.
      Do not have a second antidepressant Greater than Placebo Effect.
      3. There is no biological REASON.
      4. A diagnostic system is not valid.
      5. Psychiatrists are in many ways linked to the pharmaceutical industry.
      6. Negative effects in most cases can not be accepted or Recognized.
      7. Long-negative effects.
      8. The long term drug is ingested, there is no justification.
      9. The Regulation of Controlled Drugs by the pharmaceutical industry.
      10. Pharmaceutical Research results have been falsified and hidden.
      11. Detoxification Medicines Can Be Terrible Consequences.
      12. Children should not take psychiatric drugs.
      13 Psychiatric drugs cause a change of consciousness and Even Death (suicide, violence), and serious damage to health, Especially SSRI drugs).
      WHERE IS Clinical Evidence that the person is suffering from the said so-called '' mental disease ''? In most cases, Remains unproven.

      Placebo is the test or control drug, Which is used for example in Drug Trials the control group.
      Fake-drug May also, in Which case the material used for the drug component is absent.
      Placebo effect is a phenomenon in Which the body reacts to some kind of factor activity According to the well When it is Replaced with another factor – the body is Sufficient to expectations, That it is a real factor. For example, you may have an active substance-free grass substituent effects are still evoked grass.
      Thus, it is sometimes possible to replace some of the pure water solution containing the Farmakon, but to Obtain the same results in a change in the body Physiological Such as the administration of the solution .

      The FDA has also big cheaters Itself!

      Drug companies prefer to keep quiet about the Medicines That Have not had the Desired Effect Experiments, it Appears the US Food and Drug Administration for new drug applications in the analysis.
      US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Decisions on the admission of New Medicines on the market is the most influential in the world, many of Them is the base for their decisions for the Countries of the World Drug Market Regulatory Institutions, MediaTek NovaatorDiscoverMagazine'i news.
      Fresh analysis shows That the pharmaceutical companies preferred to hold with or exerted only
      Nearly a fourth part, the results of the drug tests, in most cases, it was a test conducted crackered Drug Candidates. In Addition, ATTEMPTS were made to tilt in the direction of the positive results of the tests.
      "The results of the analysis confirm the suspicions That this is a much more systematic and Broader phenomenon. Information is not available to most Those who need it – to Clinicians and Researchers," said a representative of the Mayo Clinic An-Wen Chan.
      Requesting permission to a pharmaceutical drug is required to submit to the FDA the results of all drug tests. If the drug is Approved, it must Publish the results in scientific journals.

      But a newly published study in the journal PLoS Medicine, the results will Often Appears at all, or they are Biased Presented in the form. The analysis looked at the FDAlt Approved
      33,164 new drug-testing results in the years 2001-2002. By June 2007, a quarter of Them published at all or thinks about the results published in part. Negative Outcome The Story That was satisfying – Such was published in the 43 to 20th

      Nine percent of the results were published in a form Biased That was more positive than the actual Outcome of the FDA.
      Such tilting of the background is unknown, but it is common knowledge That pharmaceutical companies are RELY
      appeared in publications in scientific journals in the marketing of products and Often for their billions of dollars are at stake.
      According to the Researchers interviewed for the analysis of the drug companies do not make Obstacles for publication of the results, but there were two cases in Which the results will be published, but the pharmaceutical company
      didn't have our full support.

      All psychiatrists have in common that when they are caught on camera or on microphone, they cower and admit that there are no such things as chemical imbalances/diseases, or examinations or tests for them. What they do in practice, lying in every instance, abrogating [revoking] the informed consent right of every patient and poisoning them in the name of ‘treatment’ is nothing short of criminal.
      – Dr Fred Baughman Jr., Pediatric Neurologist

    3. You are good man. Thanks for being open. Always remember you are a good person. Fearing fear is awful..like an old Sage said. " Nothing to fear but Fear itself" carry on Brother. You are very brave.

    4. I have chronic depression and I've found mirtazapine has been the best drug for me. I still have days of depression but nothing like before. I do dislike the weight gain side effect but thats mostly due to my love of food also lol!

    5. Its really helpfull for major depression? Ive seen many people that spoke bad on this on youtube..im worry because ive to start take mitrazapine

    6. This is a good drug. Lots of scientific research behind it. Stay away from SSRI'S those are absolute poison and destroy your brain. This drug is chemically different. Increases neurosteroid concentrations in the brain

    7. Mirtazipine didn't help me sleep at all. It gave me horrible nightmares, woke up 4-5 times a night due to it. I had to stop taking them after 3 days.

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