Thanks to all who have taken the time of their day to watch this video. The only thing I hope is that I can help people and raise awareness about issues that we are very afraid to talk about. This is how I have dealt with my psychotic episodes and my appointments with psychiatrists. I encourage all people who need help to do so and do not hesitate to leave me a message if they need to speak with someone.
Lots of love

Video credits to Star Tiller YouTube channel

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    1. Love you guys! I fully understand what you are talking about. I am so glad you are so open about it with us. It makes me love you more!

    2. psychosis sounds bloody scary… i'm sorry to hear that you've been going through this 🙁 glad you're getting the help you need

    3. So glad you spoke out about this. I have a lot of issues as well and it’s nice to know you’re not alone. But also I’m sorry you have to deal with all this. It’s awful. But well done for talking about this ❤️❤️ love you ❤️ what’s Pias channel btw? Xxxxx

    4. How are you depressed you have a girl that loves you and you have a great job and a loving family you should be pretty happy, oh and you have vanlife.

    5. So proud of you for speaking out ❤️Been watching you from the very beginning since you posted your first YouTube video and I’ll always be here ❤️Much Love Star and of course much love to Pia , Always here for the both of use 🙌🏽 you always have an internet friend in me 🙌🏽❤️

    6. Thanks so much for posting this!! I've suffered from SEVERE, out-of-body panic attacks for years as well as horrendously terrifying dissociative symptoms that are almost constant. I feel like the last 3 years of my life haven't been real in the slightest, including the people I've met and the places I've been to etc.; my dreams are more real than my real life, because I float along feeling totally disconnected from my body, in some cartoon world.

      I've seen people who have given me some coping mechanisms, but nothing has made my life feel real again. I'm stuck with this BS feeling that 99% of people will never understand.

      it's really good you're accepting your meds! To make matters worse, i've been experiencing severe bipolar symptoms too, and the depressive phases are absolutely intolerable and crippling. However, I'm really scared that bipolar meds will cause me even more dissociation – I'm deathy afraid of that idea. I also love the mania so much that it's hard to accept the idea of a mood stabiliser! I eat so healthily when I'm manic, as well as doing amazingly at uni, reading about 6 books a week, running 10 miles a day and socialising non-stop.

      The mania is almost like experiencing the world as a child, as you'll know. Food shopping is amazingly exciting, because you're working towards future healthy you who eats good stuff.. the gym is exciting, because you're working towards having an amazing figure…. nothing quite gives you that goal-oriented dopamine kick if you don't have bipolar! (and it's easy to grow up thinking it's normal to feel that level of ecstacy!)

    7. This video would of helped so many people, you and pia are such inspirations, keep going, you are both amazing and I am always available to talk:) I completely understand what you’re going through, I am on medication for my mental health and currently in the process of getting a diagnosis from the psychiatrist in my mental health team , were all weirdos together! much love ❤️ from Jessica rose x x

    8. This was an amazing and very relatable video. Thanks for sharing.

      I'd love it if you ✔ out my channel and subbed back. 😉😀❤

    9. I know how you feel to be out of control! I have ptsd from both of my parents almost dying in the space of 2 months! This has caused hallucinations (auditory, visible and tactile) making my life so hard! I’m a carer for both my mum and Dad whilst I’m also Ill! This is all whilst going to college and trying to uphold a job as a zoo keeper and that’s not an easy! I’m only 17 btw! I just wanna say that this helped me a lot to know other people know how it feels and just wanted to share a lil bit of my story so you also know the same! Sending all my love and support to the both of you! Keep going!

    10. I know you're gonna hate me for saying this but I am honestly so proud of you for speaking out about this, and for getting help. I love you more than anything in the world and will forever support you 🌸

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