Menopause Age, Symptoms, Remedies, Diet and Hypnosis for Depression

Menopause Age when the period stops, Menopause Symptoms depression and hot flushes that heals the raw food diet, Menopause Natural remedies exercise and raw green juice as much as possible, Menopause Diet live food, ideally raw diet as much as possible, Menopause Weight gain will not gain weight if you can avoid drugs, ask your doctor, and for a telephone hypnosis session with me to eliminate your menopause depression, click here:

Video credits to Kelly Granite Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy YouTube channel

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    Menopause Age, Symptoms, Remedies, Diet and Hypnosis for Depression

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    1. You look fantastic!! I'm just starting my on my raw vegan path, looking to heal, cleanse, and strengthen my body as well. Thank you so much for your inspiration!!!

    2. Awesome I am on the raw foodie as well. I will be fifty this fall and people are guessing me in my mid twenties. I have never felt better.

    3. Great vid ~ you look awsum gurrrrl! Yr body is amazing and I love yr energy ~ I WANT some! All raw diet not for me tho! I'm 54, going thru menopause, not having a fun time of it. Shld we use natural progesterone cream ?? I've been on a very healthy vegan diet for 4 mnths, for health reasons, but haven't reaped the benefits like most people! Will make yr smoothie, and will give the Maca another go, tks. What supplements do you take? What type of VitB12 are you on. Tks for this, loved it. You are rocking that new costume! x

    4. That Bathing suit give You 3 Look.
      Innocent,Hot And sexy.
      But,You have the face and body…
      When you wear bathing suit or bikini.
      Will be,Hot and sexy.
      love your channel

    5. I think many nutrients esp. green juices are absorbed directly from the mouth, thus the amazing results we see from this lifestyle…"Generally, if a substance is easily dissolved in saliva, the only remaining step is the diffusion into the subepithelial capillaries." You're looking fab! Our bodies definitely know what they are doing…I'm going to make my smoothie now, yum ☀!

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