Matts MS – Symptom Update: Depression and cog Fog

It's been a fucking week …

Video credits to Matt Allen G YouTube channel

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    Matts MS – Symptom Update: Depression and cog Fog

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    1. How is the cognition effecting school? I need to go back and get my 2 year degree so I can get a good job with health insurance before I turn 26 but I am so worried I will not be able to hold anything in my head……

    2. idk haha, i dont do it on purpose, didnt even notice it, guess its like a laugh at myself kind of thing, my sense of humor never dies, even in rehab when I am like dying, I can still crack a joke, that's just me I suppose? haha….

    3. Hey Matt, I get the same ms depression, it sucks. Your going to get better. It took me two years after my first major attack as an adult to get somewhat back to normal. It's frustrating and it feels like forever but it will happen. You are just in a bad place right now. Things will change when you least expect them to. Newer and better drugs are coming out every year and a couple this year are waiting for FDA approval, and they work really well. Hang in there, your going to get through this.

    4. I feel for you and hope you get out of the funk. I also struggle to look forward. Going to my friends cabin this WE to keep my mind off ms. Distraction is the best medicine.

    5. So far just no results for me, I have the discipline but see nothing after months… Stress free is the way to be haha

    6. Maybe this mentality will change, but it seems that the world does not care about MS, it was a tragedy a year ago but now? Now life goes on haha… So it's hard not to feel this way. It will pass, I know

    7. 2/. I've tried diets too & haven't stuck to them through lack of discipline. These days I read a lot & watch heaps of comedy & listen to music to try to stay positive & stress free.

    8. I hate to see you beating yourself up & putting yourself down when you have so much to deal with already Matt. You should be congratulating yourself for managing to find the discipline to think through your issues & have the foresight to try to help yourself by improving your diet & finding something to motivate you. Feeling guilty about not having achieved enough is so unfair on yourself when you're fighting such a chronic & serious illness.

    9. Just a reminder to you & anyone else, Depression is a symptom of MS. It's important to remember these feelings are most likely not natural to your personality. I was gonna suggest you apply for housing thru SSI, it would be dirt cheap for you, but i dunno if you can handle being on your own matt (no offense). Maybe if you could get with another MSer (who is willing to help) as a roomie? better days matt

    10. Yes I have, looking into that, I dieted before and felt nothing after months, been slacking a BIT but I need something new!

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