Low Testosterone and Depression

Low testosterone and depression. That's what I'm going to talk about in this video.

Testosterone deficiency is a common cause of depression in men and may go unnoticed. As a psychiatrist, what I see is the depressed man who does not improve enough with antidepressants or the one who is not particularly sad, but who is angry, irritable or anxious, or negative.

Here are some of the other signs and symptoms of testosterone deficiency.
Signs and symptoms of testosterone deficiency
Decrease in assertiveness / increase in submission
Decreased tolerance to stress.
Depression or decreased mood.

Loss of body and pubic hair (hair on the scalp is preserved)
Decreased beard growth.
Thinning and drying of the skin (decrease in sebum production).
Mild anemia
Decreased bone mineralization.
Obesity or increased body fat (men)
Reduction of muscle volume and strength.
Reduced general vigor and resistance.
Fragility (elderly)
Decreased semen volume
Erectile dysfunction
Decreased sexuality (decreased libido, excitement, responsiveness)

There are some things that have been linked to having low testosterone levels. They do not necessarily cause it, but there is a link. These things are:
Diabetes treated and obesity.
Have chronic headaches,
Be over 60 years old
Have asthma that has been treated.
and sleeping less than 5 h / night.

There are some medications that can cause low testosterone levels.
Agents to lower cholesterol as Lipitor
Saw palmetto, which is an over-the-counter treatment for enlarged prostate.
Linseed oil
And a zinc deficiency.

Disclaimer: all information on this channel is for educational purposes and is not intended to be a specific medical advice or personal from me. View the videos or get answers to comments / questions, does not establish a doctor-patient relationship. If you have your own doctor, maybe these videos can help you prepare for your discussion with your doctor.

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Video credits to Dr. Tracey Marks YouTube channel

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    Low Testosterone and Depression

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    1. Thank you for the video.
      I have a question regarding the bit where you said testosterone level is the highest at 8am.

      What if someone has a night shift job and works till 7 am and then sleeps 8 am to 3pm.

      Will they still have highest testosterone at 8am or does those level change according to your working/resting cycle ?

    2. Thank you Dr. Marks and good to see you, hopefully Michael didn't hit your area too hard. On the subject of the video – are there any natural herbal remedies you aware of which can be used to regain testosterone level? And are there any side effects in the long run?

    3. How common is this in men under 30? Because I have several symptoms and haven't had luck with antidepressants.

    4. Dr. Mark's, you are just so wonderful. You provide great information in easy to understand terms. You present everything calmly. And, my husband and I love that you post the main points of your discussion in the area below the arrow. Thank you so much for this truly amazing public service. Sue

    5. Great video Doc. You have a way to summarize without dumbing down.

      Unfortunately here in Canada, GPs refuse to test total T or even SHBG because it's too expensive!

    6. Bodies are so complicated! It's over whelming the number of chemical reactions going on inside of each of us every minute of every day. Truly shows how every one of us is different and we all require different protocols. Do you have an opinion on BIO Identical hormone replacement? The kind administered via an MD where blood levels are monitored and hormones adjusted.

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