Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model. | Cameron Russell

Cameron Russell admits that she won "a genetic lottery": she is tall, pretty and a model of underwear. But do not judge it by its appearance. In this talk without fear, she takes an ironic look at the industry that made her look extremely seductive when she was just 16 years old. (Filmed on TEDxMidAtlantic.) Cameron on Twitter:
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    Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model. | Cameron Russell

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    1. What I got from this: I'm beautiful, but I have a hard life just like you. Being beautiful does not give you everything. Just a lot. I admit it, but again, looks aren't everything.

      Also, looks got this many views. If she was not pretty, she would not get this many views.

    2. I got scouted at the mall and now I am signed to an agency for modeling. Did I make the wrong choice in accepting?

    3. Looks are most obvious thing people look out. Common sense genius. You're an idiot model lady.

    4. This a joke right? The world covets looks. This girl could will fit in anywhere. Plus be hired at almost anything. Never seen a model at a low end job. Hmmm. Go figure

    5. See when you have a lot of money , you just think you are good looking . Dosen't mean they are .

    6. The Fact that we are supposed to believe only because you're a model proves you wrong before the video

    7. ummm like we already knew this i think right? well at least i know i did,like idk is this news to any1?

    8. It's hard because people expect models to be confident and 'perfect' sometimes but to say to the world : "I am a model" and admitting you're insecure – while on stage – with people already judging you – that's interesting.. I think she proved her point 100%! She should be a writer :)) <3 so talented at forming and speaking ideas. 🙂 in an honest way.

    9. This woman claims to be so intelligent yet she was a model which basically requires zero brains, for ten years Then when she became too old to model she became a humanitarian !! Give me a fuckin break

    10. Good looks does have it pluses but it doesn’t guarantee you friends or a good relationship. Most people I know in good relationships are average, sometimes below average looking people. Good looks gets you through the door but doesn’t, few people have been able to capitalize on their good looks alone.

    11. Women modells look ten times better at 30+ and 40+ then in age 12. Look at her and every other modell at age 12 or 15 without filters

    12. Looks aren't everything is subject. TBH it is everything in our hyper sexully exposed society.

    13. What she also got for free was to talk at a ted talk for free while saying nothing of value or that would make a change in the world.

    14. im a young boy but i self idenitify as a mature olden time mother from transylvania and maybe a doctor high power woman lol :))

    15. Pleas tell me this bullshit when you get a couple of scars on your face.. “supermodel”

    16. The humanity in her is awesome. I hope she continues to do good work like this that peels the sugarcoat on the surface of social injustice.

    17. This is such an old topic. It's boring. Most people know that clothing models are unhealthy in lifestyle and body image. labour class consumer capitalism causes all of us to prostitute ourselves.

    18. I used to think treating people based on their looks was unfair until I realized that looks have much more to do with effort than with luck. Sure there are a handful of people who are too naturally ugly to be helped, or so naturally beautiful that they don't have to put in the work. But the vast majority of us are in this middle ground where we can be potentially ugly or potentially beautiful depending on how much effort we put in to our appearance. Being good at fashion, skincare, hair, makeup, working out… these are all skills, habits you can develop. So when someone is shunned for being ugly, they're not being shunned because nature gave them the short end of the stick, they're being shunned because they're too lazy to take care of their bodies.

    19. I don’t understand I know why she changed but I don’t know why she would think people would have bad feelings if she came out in a pretty mini dress and nice heels it’s not her fault most American women are obese and unattractive I really hate hillbilly Americans

    20. I am commenting in 2018..huhuhu.

      Anyway, for those who are arguing that only the rich say "money isn't everything" and the pretty say "beauty isn't everything" allow me to show you another perspective of understanding this statement. Money is important. The rich obviously have it easier in this world. Also, money would definitely solve many problems for a poor person and make them happier.

      However, for that rich person, he has already achieved the "wealthy" status but that does not necessarily mean that all will be right for him in this world. I don't think life or the universe usually goes like "Hmm, this guy is rich so let's make sure we make life super simple for him." No. Life will still throw issues to him the same way as a poor person or anyone else!

      Especially for the issues that even money wont really solve, such as depression or self-hate or those issues that really needs you to disregard external factors and really look into yourself. I know that a poor person going through such inner issues may have it worse.. but its not like the rich person can throw money at his internal issues to make them go away. And still if this poor person were to somehow become rich, that wont solve his inner issues. So this rich person will probably be like "Money isnt everything." And I agree

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