Life of Pi Soundtrack – Pi’s Lullaby (REACTION!)

I read Life of Pi for the first time about 10 years ago, and the film and the soundtrack did justice to this story. I am completely impressed by Pi's lullaby and how emotions emerge. It's sung by Bombay Jayashree, which means I have to hear more of his music. I felt sadness and joy at the same time and I loved every second of Pi's Lullaby.
When we think of Life of Pi and really in any type of film, music adds a completely new dimension, but it is fundamental to obtain a true emotional response. Just imagine a movie you love without music and you'll see what I mean.
Music for the Mind is destined to bring lightness to the channel and to join and enjoy the beauty of music together. I love discovering new music and obviously listening to it. Music is a big part of why I love living.

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    Life of Pi Soundtrack – Pi’s Lullaby (REACTION!)

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    1. :). Her voice does melt one’s heart. There is a rendition of a famous poet’s (Bharathi) lullaby that she did. Besides this song, that one never fails to make me weep –

      . It’s the combination of her voice and the lyrics – for those of us who grew up with our mom singing that same song, with feeling, transports us right back to that childhood memory of feeling safe and loved. Someone else I came across recently sang this for the Mozart of Madras – – again, a beautiful voice and it’s like Rahman of the 1990s…blows your mind. (The movie – unlike Life of Pi, which also makes for a great read – has a redemption arch that is unnecessary. Sexism and patriarchy gets enough voice in this world).

    2. Depression/sadness makes us become true, come to our true nature. You can see him tuning into his true powerful nature in his eyes when he is deeply into listening it. But thing is, it is possible to live true even in joy.

    3. discover new music is like dig in to your hart and find new blood fresh like the wind of the mountain.

    4. You needo to listen to "Blonde Redhead – Where Your Mind Wants to Go" It is sooo mezmerizing and heartfilling

    5. you make me cry… omg your face, eyes…
      I read Life of Pi en spañish and im cry the last pages. Excuse me if i dont write english perfect, but I really need you know this.

    6. It's a famous lullaby in Tamil language. You can put any baby/person to sleep singing or playing this. Beautiful reaction! and a great initiative! God bless you!

    7. This made me cry. I think if you like this you will enjoy Latika's Theme, from the movie slumdog millionaire, it also makes me tear up. I hope you listen to it and enjoy it as much as I do.

    8. I introduce you to our beautiful Colombian music…I hope you like it 😉:
      Grupo Bahía trio – Remanso inicial
      Monseiur Perine – La muerte
      Bahia trio y Marta Gómez – La raíz

    9. React to this songs please
      Luis Miguel-soy lo prohibido
      Soda stereo- música ligera
      Caloncho- palmar

    10. react to hello seahorses, the girl in this band sing luna con zoe, you already hear this song en another react video

    11. Oigan!!! Necesito, me urge que haga una reacción a Fobia. ¿Cuál es su canción favorita?
      1. Caminitos hacia el cosmos, 2. Hoy tengo miedo, 3. Dos corazones, 4. Mundo feliz, 5. Hipnotizame. Escogan

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