Let’s Talk Seriously! | Wing Clipping? Depression? Day One with A Bird! YES! IMPORTANT Parrot Talk!

Ok, my Sniffers, I think it's important to go back to the Parrot Talk of our old school and take this opportunity with these two beautiful Senegals, Nellie and Monty, to talk seriously about some educational but sensitive issues of parrots like the Depression. and wing trim in parrots. I have other videos dedicated to these topics, but I think it's great to review these things whenever we can in a series because each situation will be different. This is the first day with these two Senegalese whom I have enjoyed a lot, but I will remember these birds again and hope that it will help many other parrots to find a home in the future. This is a springboard to save many more birds!

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    Let’s Talk Seriously! | Wing Clipping? Depression? Day One with A Bird! YES! IMPORTANT Parrot Talk!

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    1. Hey Sniffers, for more updates on Nellie and Monty follow me on Instagram @marlenemccohen for videos in between videos…:) You can also follow the life and antics of all my birds!!

    2. Hi I'm getting a bird soon and I was wondering what fruit are good for birds to have because a lot of fruits have high sugar and what types of nuts are good for birds?

    3. HEY MARLENE! Okay, first off love your videos and your birds! I'm so jealous! I'm about to get my first bird. (a green cheek conure) I'm really excited but I need help. I have no idea what to do the day I bring it home. do I not leave their side? please do a video on what you should do when bringing a bird home for the first time!!! I want to have a close bond with my bird like you have with yours. please help me out!!!
      -Your Friend, ThatOneHorse13

    4. We had gotten a blue and gold macaw when I was 3. He was super friendly for the longest and loved everyone in my house, the lady who had him before wanted to rehome him because she wanted a different type of macaw but didn’t want them to bond to each other and become aggressive. Then a few years later a breeder asked us to watch their flock while they were moving. He told my mom that as a thank you he wanted to give us two of his blue and gold macaws. We said no because we already had one. My mom said if anything she wanted their conure and he said he couldn’t do that and said he would be back for the macaws in a couple weeks and never came back. A few months later he bumped into my mom at a store and asked how the macaws were doing. He had abandoned a dad and his daughter. The dad was in his late 30s at the time and his daughter was around 10 I believe but the dad was an older male and also just lost his mate so he wasn’t a good breeder and the daughter had toes missing so she isn’t a good breeder either. One day my brother yelled that the dad was on the back deck (they lived outside and were used to it. He also wasn’t the nicest from the start.) but he was on the back deck my brother yelled out to my mom that he was out of his cage and on the deck opened the door and the bird walked inside found our tame family loving macaw and they bonded and now try to attack us. The original macaw we had still wants me to show him some attention and I know the older one could pass with in the next few years so I have been trying to rebond the original macaw to me. It’s the hardest thing cause I can only take him out for 5 minutes a day before he gets anxious and wats to go back to the other bird.

    5. I love your videos I feel like I've learned so much about birds since I've been watching. We have 3 cockatiels. One is the friendliest little bird I've ever had. The other two (mated pair) still haven't came around.

    6. Hi Marlene
      This question is not related to this video but I’ll still ask!
      I have a sun conure named Dexter and when I first got him he was used to a happy hut but he was chewing it up so I switched to a pillow case draped over the cage and over a perch and also started chewing on that. I took that away but know I don’t know if he is sleeping properly I noticed him trying to sleep on the side of the inner cage and not on a perch. Will he adjust or do you have any advice?
      Thanks Katie

    7. my bird is clipped at the moment cause she is scared of me and the first thing she does when out of the cage is freaks out and flies into things.but eventually when she is more comfortable with me i will stop clipping the her wings.

    8. I lost my cockatiel Pigeon a couple weeks ago and I am still in my mourning period. I love seeing your bird videos and seeing how happy your birds always are! Thank you Marlene!

    9. Thank you so much for this video! My moms Senegal smells like Doritos covered in sunflower seeds, but he actually hates sunflower seeds and prefers almonds or pistachios

    10. I love how they just stare. When you say "rehoming", that means they are gonna have to get used to a whole new environment and people again. Unless it's Genna? Or what about your friend who wanted Merlin? Whatever happened with that?

    11. I might be getting a parakeet for my birthday so i need some advice .. I want to get a pair but i heard online to be able to get a pair work with one and then slowly introduce the other one and maybe the other one will follow…but i dont know.. If you can help me that would be awesome 🙂

    12. The first 2 days I had my bird I would only give him the toys for night but the 3 day the toys were in there 247

    13. I’ve been trying to tame my bird ever since I get her and she will go near me when she’s out of the cage but today I got her to step up with a little bit of help does that mean that she is closer to being tamed?

    14. I got two budgies, but I got one of them first. I got Pearl from a pet store (I'm awful, I know) but only because he was risking his life in that situation. Pearl is a tiny albino budgies who is actually the smallest budgie I've ever seen. He was being picked on by the other birds, he wasn't able to get to the food because the other budgies would chase him off. He's gained so much weight since I got him, and grows stronger every day. About a month after I got him, he started getting depressed and wasn't eating as much. I tried getting more toys for him, spending more time with him, but nothing worked. After doing some research, I decided to get Pearl a friend. Since I was pressed for time, and didn't have time to apply for a rescue bird, I went to the pet store again and picked out the smallest male budgie there was. Cirrus is still much bigger and stronger than Pearl, however the got along right away. Cirrus would open oats for Pearl, and has since taught Pearl to climb. They are both doing so so well, and know how to step up and will sometimes eat from my hand. Some of you may think this wasn't the best decision, however I know that Pearl is much happier now, and both of them have a lovely life.

    15. I just got my first bird, a two-year-old cockatiel I adopted from my aunt, two months ago, and he kept flying off and hitting walls and decorations when he got scared. Clipping his wings seemed to be the best solution to keep him from hurting himself, but I'd love to have him be flighted someday <3

    16. I just adopted my parrotlet 2 weeks ago today, and I feel so, so fortunate that I'm having a really easy time with her so far. She's tame and for the first few days I couldn't get her off me while I was home, until she was tired and wanted to go to bed. I think its because I bonded with her in the shelter so I was the only familiar thing to her. BUT, I had the shelter staff clip her when I brought her home, because I didn't know what to expect and how she would settle in, and I've never had birds.

      I really appreciate you saying that its a good idea for first-time owners to have a clipped bird for awhile, because it's taking away some of the guilt I've been feeling. But this is really reassuring, and I feel like it was the right choice to keep her safe while we bond and learn more about each other and I become more alert to the things that pose a threat with her. I've done a TON of research but this is still a lot of learning by experience, and I would rather wait to let my bird fly than have to learn (or be scared off of keeping birds altogether) because of a tragic mistake. I'm hoping to train Sweetpea and have her flying after a molt or two, but she was in and out of the shelter for 10 months before I took her home, so at least I know that she's in a stable, loving place where she gets to spend most of the day out of her cage being loved on. Thank you for all you do for birds, and especially for us new owners who just need a little advice and inspiration 🙂

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