Justin Bieber's LYME DISEASE Battle Exposed!

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Justin Bieber's new documentary called "Justin Bieber: Seasons" may not be officially released for a few weeks, but an internal source has already told anxious fans one of the revelations we discovered about the singer in the film. Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and is actually an episode of bad news for Bieber, who is just starting his new album and touring cycle. "Justin Bieber: Seasons" is released on January 27 right here on YouTube. Justin first announced it in a cryptic Instagram post on New Year's Eve. The photo simply read & # 39; Bieber 2020 & # 39 ;, and in the caption only put 3 dates: January 3, January 4 and January 27. We know the first date – January 3 – ended up being the release date of his first single "Yummy". The song quickly rose to the charts until number 1, but the next day it fell to number 2. On the same day, January 4, the music video for Yummy came out, with Justin Bieber with bubblegum pink hair. Justin also released a teaser preview of almost 2 minutes for his next documentary, where he remembers the last 4 years of his personal life and career. The short clip presents a preview of some individual interviews with Hailey Bieber and Scooter Braun. Therefore, we are sure that we will get some interesting parts of both when we can really see the whole documentary, but one thing we don't have to wait for has already been leaked by a source that says they have already seen the documentary. They went to TMZ to give details about an aspect of Justin's life about which we otherwise had no idea, and it is a very serious medical problem. For a long time last year, Justin fans were worried that he was going through a deep state of depression. And for the most part, that turned out to be true. But what we didn't know was the root cause of his depression. Apparently, at some point in recent years, Justin had contracted Lyme disease. No one close to Justin is very sure where or when he was exposed to the disease, and for a long time. Once it was not diagnosed or treated. Lyme disease is contracted when a person is bitten by a tick, usually a deer tick, which is carrying the disease. For much of 2019, Justin wasn't sure what was causing all the serious symptoms he was feeling. Symptoms of Lyme disease include headaches, fever, muscle pain, sleep problems, fatigue and depression. In the documentary, Justin and his team apparently discuss the symptoms he feels and fight to find out what is causing them. Lyme disease is not diagnosed due to the similarity of symptoms and the rarity of getting Lyme disease. People who have Lyme disease are also instructed not to touch alcohol. It can make symptoms worse and have negative effects when combined with medicines for Lyme disease. Therefore, all those photos of Justin looking sad, or of him crying and Hailey comforting him, have valid explanations! Several times in 2019, Justin was discovered and seemed to be very distressed, since all this was happening while planning his official wedding ceremony with Hailey, people assumed that he regretted his decision or that he was under a lot of weddings. stress. Many people also assumed that he had resorted to drugs, pointing to acne on his face. Well, dry and uneven skin, rashes and acne are also symptoms of Lyme disease.
And now that Justin is being treated properly, it seems that his skin has cleared up.
There was a picture of Justin leaving a hospital with an intravenous line in his arm, taken sometime in September 2019. At that time, people assumed it was just an intravenous route for a routine vitamin drip that can help People feel renewed. But now we know that I was actually pumping it with medication to help compensate for the symptoms I was feeling. Apparently now, however, he and his team are well aware of the diagnosis and are taking the necessary steps to make sure doctors are treating it properly. He says he is ready for his next album cycle and his future tour, which is expected to begin later this year. I hope that is the case, since the cycles and tours of the albums can be really tiring. We know that Justin has had to cancel tours in the past, which is also discussed at the beginning of the new preview of his documentary. So we'll see what happens as time goes by and he continues to release new music and, finally, his album. I'll be tuning the documentary on YouTube in a few weeks, and I'm sure everyone will see it too … until then, what else do you think we could discover when it comes out? Are you waiting for Justin's new music?

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Video credits to Clevver News YouTube channel

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Justin Bieber's LYME DISEASE Battle Exposed!

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  1. A lot of people hav been hatin on him for a long time . Lets leave all those bad things behind and just forgive . And hope he gets better soon

  2. Justin Bieber
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    VIT B12
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    plead the blood of Jesus over the sickness
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    faith believe action
    no more that disease to you
    i confirm
    Jesus can if u seek God

    repair the slum in manila
    dun giv money REPAIR
    your donation is a weapon
    you will be healed definetly cos our Jesus is the healer
    miracle working God
    i agree you will be alright
    agree too
    only with agreement
    God can
    Thank You Jesus Justin Beiber will be ALRIGHT
    say amen or get stolen the healing

  3. How come Justin revealed this right after the release of his new single and before the new album come out? I swear y'all are dumb as hell 😫 anyway if it's true I wish him to recover but please don't even try to make me believe he didn't say it for clout. We are millions of people to suffer from diseases, do we need to tell the world about it? NO, communication for commercial move, thank you next.

  4. Bad/rude/selfish behaviour has literally NOTHING to do with a lyme disease. My cousins a doctor. He brought hate upon himself after being rude n annoying towards his fans. Lyme symptoms never include mood swings or anything related to moods or emotions or behaviour. PERIODT.

  5. People hate on him so hard, I don't get it. Look, I like some of his songs, those that come from his heart and Yummy was probably one that was pushed onto him for the sake of a quick buck (as some others were) so I get it, the corporate dispassionate song is pushed and you are pissed .

    I also understand him; he's clearly sick, tired, in pain, depressed, lost and he has to work so he's cutting corners to keep going. Why hate on that? It's such useless negativity. Even if he were a drug addict, why the fuck do you have to kick him while he's already down? Just because he's famous, does not mean he can't fall hard, have mental/physical health issues or struggle. The world is so cruel and adding to that cruelty is senseless.

  6. Yolanda .. the mother of Bella hadid and Gigi has Lyme disease also. Yolanda also said they had it too on the real housewives of Beverly housewives. Episode. I found it strange that they all contracted it but whatever

  7. Justin keep up the fight against Lyme Disease!! I’ve been fighting it for 27 years and it has been unbearable. BUT there have been great moments of strength, love, and peace in my life because of these struggles. It looks like you have already been finding the good between the bad. Keep it up. You got this!

  8. "Lyme disease is much more common than AIDS. I have it and it destroyed my health and my ability to work and function." qoute

  9. Everyone pray for jb I am going to cry this is all over the news 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. I hope everyone knows that Lyme disease is cured after being treated with antibiotics. He might have a few lingering symptoms the rest of his life, but it doesn't get worse once the bacteria is killed off.

  11. Okokok….this low key hurt me a lot, because growing up Justin was my crush and I would always say that he was my husband, but…I really do want him to get better)::::

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