Jordan Peterson: Depression Treatment Using Antidepressants

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These videos are intended to break the stigma of mental illness and take a slightly lighter approach to recovery. Mental health not only involves the mind but has a direct correlation with the body. I do my best to make videos that describe treatments that can help both the mind and the body while making them fun and motivating. My main focus in this channel is depression and anxiety as I personally experience them.

Let's fight the stigma together. You have the strength to overcome whatever you are fighting at this specific moment in time. Never give up. Never give up.

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Video credits to Depression to Expression YouTube channel

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    Jordan Peterson: Depression Treatment Using Antidepressants

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    1. I don't know much about this channel. I think Jordan Peterson is right on a lot of things she says however I would hope that when he talks about antidepressants he would give a more full story around it. The truth is the chemical imbalance theory is not scientifically valid. There are many problems with getting on antidepressants. That's not to say they don't work at all. I think it was 76% is due to the placebo effect. There's loads of risk that outweigh the benefit but if someone is going to take them they should be informed entirely. It could be a very difficult decision. However wisdom such as clean your room and get your life together I think are good things to help people. Social support. Exercise. Healthy diet. Reduce stress. Mindfulness. I can go on and on are great on improving your mental health. People need to talk more about trauma because that's really at the heart of a lot of mental disorders and especially depression. I wish one day I could be influential like Jordan Peterson. Thanks for anyone who has read this

    2. Hi Depression to Expression… hope you're doing well. I overcame depression and anxiety by using a form of acceptance…. or, to put another way: I let it be there, held no assumptions that it shouldn't, went back on with my life…. and in time it went away completely.

    3. Peterson is scatter minded. He says everyone's life is a tragedy here, yet elsewhere says that everyone should have a child, and thinks the over population issue is nothing to be concerned with. He is an inherently selfish man, emotionally immature, I would wager a bad parent, as a result of being badly parented. I'm not sure why I dislike him as much as I do, and it very possibly has to do with some projection of my own, but in any case I don't like him, and get bad vibes from him. Bill Sea Sick Steve. He's not all bad, but I still don't like him

    4. I stopped seeing my psychologist.. because she kept telling me to take meds n I said no.. I dont want to take drugs anymore… so maybe I should try

    5. Is it true that antidepressant are addictive and you can't stop them even if you are feeling ok? I was talking about antidepressants with some people, one of them said that they knew one of her friends, she took antidepressants at 20 and now she's like 40-50 and still taking them because if she stop she'll have problems. The therapists that follow her said that she have to take them all her life because she's addicted. I don't like this part so much, I never took antidepressants because my anxiety werent so high. But I'm not saying that I won't take them I don't know if my depression episodes will pop out in the future. I don't want to get addicted to antidepressants and take them all of my life?

    6. after about 10 years of anxiety/depression, i'm finally gonna "try an AD baby". Thanks for the vid.

    7. Love ur videos man help me through my last 2 years and this video has just made me swallow my pride and get anti d s because I didn't want too but feel I need it to get back to normal self man thanks from Jordan / peace out from Scotland

    8. he hits exactly the point, if you sucidal you literally do everything to get out of this stage.
      awesome video 👍

    9. A wonderful friend once told me a great piece of advice. She summed it up into one simple phrase being "just do you". Basically she was saying to do what ever I need to do in order to reach my idea of success in any area. I think that this applies to mental health management as well. If you need to take medication, then take it. If you need to go the natural rout, than do it. Everyone has their own unique body that will respond to various techniques and substances differently. We should not fully advocate against either medication or natural cures do to a lack of success for one group of people.

    10. Paroxetine alone helped, but pairing Paroxetine with Clonazepam is even better in my experience. Benzodiazepines tho… bad wrap on the YouTube channels most of the time.

    11. I use consortia its a stimulant but somedays it forces me to get up and go, other days it fucks me up

    12. Yeah one thing I might add is that if a standard antidepressant (SSRI) doesn't work for you, do not give up, there are so many other options. There's a drug out there for everyone, some find it early on and for some it takes a long time. but it's worth the wait if you can manage. I've been depressed for 8 or 9 years now. Only started taking medication roughly 2 years ago, cuz I was against the for far too long. I believed all the negative things said about them even though it's very subjective, and drug companies have to list every possible side effect just to save their asses, not so much that you'll likely get them. Anyways, i've been on 14 different drugs and have only just started to feel benefits on this new drug I'm on. not as silver bullet, but much better than nothing. it's been a long time coming, but i'm glad i could withstand the wait. there are plenty of times where i questioned if i'd be one of the unlucky ones who don't ever find a drug, but I was wrong. I'll probably do augmentation therapy where they add on another drug, so hopefully i'll be completely out of the water in the future. but i am happy i'm doing better. just figured i'd share my experience in case there are people who've been on several kinds of medication without any luck. also do not be afraid of the class of drugs they try on you. sometimes the name makes it sound more intense than it really is. I'm currently taking an antipsychotic, even though I've been diagnosed with a relatively mild case of bipolar ii. not mild when it comes to the depression, but i've only experienced hypomania once, and have only had a handful of mixed episodes. but yeah, i've been on numerous drugs that sounded scary, i'm even on an anti seizure drug too, which sounds sketchier than it is.

    13. He's a hero of freedom of speech which is disappearing across school campuses. Anti-depressants affect people in very different ways, so the meds and dosages that work well for some people, may not work so well for others, and often you have to keep trying different ones and dosages to find one that works.

    14. if your depression is not very bad don't use antidepressant because it's has side effects

    15. Worried about the comment diabetes should be taking their insulin.. diabetes is a disease of too much insulin…

    16. I've been depressed for the past 10 years. Last night was tough. I wanted to kill myself last night. (And I'm not saying that for attention or to harbor in pity. That's just how bad it's been lately and I always live by the notion that if you're going to talk about your feelings, talk about them honestly). I've tried antidepressants in the past but not for long enough to get any real results because they kept making me physically sick and mentally stagnant. The thing that Jordan Peterson said that really got me thinking was, and I'm paraphrasing, "If your life is a wreck, then don't expect these pills to make it better". That was a reality check. My life pretty much is a wreck and it has been a wreck for as long as I can remember. But how am I supposed to make my life better when getting out of bed the next day is a struggle in itself. It's just too much to take control of. I feel like my environment and my depression has taken control over me and even if I do find the willpower to want to take back control, I'm not sure where I would even start.

    17. I think it's ok if people don't want to take antidepressants but they have to accept that other people do because they feel they need to. I make the same argument as this person that you take medication for medical conditions, so why wouldn't you for mental illness? I really liked what you shared!! I'm planning on trying antidepressants this summer as I'm on other meds but they're not helping as much. I hope it's worth it 🙂

    18. Scott you are a silly, amazing creature indeed. Did you hear about Peterson from Joe Rogan's podcast? I remember you saying you like Rogan

    19. good video, with all the negative reviews on you tube towards anti depressants this was refreshing. anti depressants if they work, help you get your shit together so you can think rationally. i was on them years ago and then went off. just recently went back on and doing much better. i struggled for weeks before my neighbor doctor told me "you can control it or it can control you" taking them. exercising, having a support system are all part of the process. scott watch my video, thanks mike

    20. I have nothing against people trying a medication if they want to. I do have a problem with parents and doctors putting seven year olds on these things as a first resort. And scared doctors pushing things within the first five seconds in a counseling room. Fearful maximin-ing. And saying "our job is to keep them on the medication as long as possible blah blah". At least get to know the person first. As long as it comes from a place of therapy and informed consent. Cheers.

    21. personally, anti depressants have been helping me and getting off them when i felt like i didn't need them anymore was easy too. so whatever negative stuff other people might say, here's one success.

    22. I can only recommend whoever is trying to get their life better watch Maps of Meaning and Personality and its transformations classes form Jordan B Peterson. The wisdom he shares is just some priceless blessings. Look in into program to help u create a new you!

    23. I have been struggling with this very thing. Long story short..I started Prozac my senior year in high school after being very depressed for several years. I took it for a year or so, met my boyfriend (future husband) and said to hell with medication, I don't need it! Most days for the last 16 years I have felt down moments. A few years ago something happened where I said ok that's it I need medication. I started Prozac, got healthy and more active, social, loving life etc..So of course I thought I don't need the meds, look at me now..I'm fine! Well I started medication again this very morning. I have been struggling for the last 16+ years with the shame I feel from having to take a pill. I don't even take aspirin! Natural childbirth twice, no problem.

      But this, I struggle with. Today was a rough morning. Going down this road again..but this video has given me a boost. Thank you

    24. I realize we all may have personal experiences with antidepressants. Let's not use the comment section to discourage those who are taking them or considering 🙂

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