Jordan Peterson – Are You Depressed? Or Low In The Dominance Hierarchy?

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The symptoms of depression and having a ruined life are very similar, but the cause and the cure are different. Are you depressed or do you simply have nowhere to go?

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    Jordan Peterson – Are You Depressed? Or Low In The Dominance Hierarchy?

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    1. Stuff yourself with vitamin D3 and turmeric, get plenty of sleep and stop listening to psycho babble. That said, I like Jordan Peterson in general, just not on this subject.

    2. I think the validation of being part of a stable family unit, extended family unit or local community in the past would have mitigated against the effects of being at the bottom of a larger dominance hierarchy. Now because of individualism, people are fed the idea that they can take on the world by themselves and more people are exposed to larger scale hierarchies and inevitably feel that they have little personal relevance. I have no doubt that this plays a major factor in the depression epidemic we see in more developed countries.

    3. What's that under the table????? Bottom left corner on the screen.

      Oh, it's some girl's hands!!!!!
      What are her hands doing under the table??????


      She's touching herself!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    4. I can attest to everything he says in the video as true . I spend about 8 years in a anxious/depressive state I got caught in a loop of living poorly , partying having causal sex etc, instant gratification living essentially. My life was a mess but I couldn't admit to myself or pinpoint the reasons why. In the last year I have fixed up my life massively 'cleaned my room' . did the things that scared me, planned for the future and started telling the truth. I feel myself rising up the social dominance hierarchy daily and with that a feeling a calm happiness each evening as I complete my daily goals and feel excited for my future . Clearly this is my serotonin system responding to my lifestyle change and it feels better than any high from drinking drugs or sex. So my advice to anyone feeling shitty viewing this video you may need a full life overall but do it .If Follow what he says to the T it works!

    5. I'm depressed because I look at my paycheck and all my money is going to some chick who is having her 4th kid on welfare with her 4th guy…

    6. Since 2015 I have been paid to write more than 650+ essays for university students enrolled in cultural Marxist/postmodernist humanities and social sciences courses. I just published a book about it ( . It is a synthesis of two years of firsthand experience behind enemy lines in the academy. Backed up by the tens of thousands of pages of propaganda I've been exposed to and examples taken from real curriculum and courses, in addition to showing you how to cut hours off your essay writing and assignments (if you are a university student), it paints quite an unflattering picture of Canadian universities (and by association, all Western postsecondary institutions) – as if they weren't already doing a good enough job of that themselves. It's $3.99USD on Smashwords and is available as a PDF, MOBI and EPUB file. You can also read the first 20% of it for free.

      The amount of toxic ideology and critical theory I've been paid to read, discuss and regurgitate has had a profound impact on me. The extent to which this political dogma pervades the academy (and not just within the more explicitly political departments like women, gender and ethnic studies) – everything from international law to political science, from media studies to geography and business administration – and the way in which Western postsecondary institutions have become political training grounds have made living in North America, Western and Northern Europe, and all of the other English-speaking Commonwealth countries truly exasperating.

      The book is two things:

      1) It is a how-to guide for writing quick essays ideologue professors will eagerly gobble up. The book will help you save a tremendous amount of time throughout your undergraduate degree by providing you with research and writing strategies I use on a wide range of first to fourth-year assignments. These strategies allow me to research and write a 1,500-word paper in under 4 hours that will get a mark of 75% or higher by focusing on efficiently gathering and utilizing information, as well as playing to the generic, highly predictable political biases of humanities and social sciences departments. And,

      2) It is an indictment of Canadian humanities and social sciences faculties (which are virtually identical to those at American and all other Commonwealth country institutions), the corrupting political and cultural influence they have had on Millennials, and their role in the fomentation of moral confusion in contemporary Western culture. It will also equip you with some of the major arguments, ideological jargon, critical theory and talking points that this 40-year-long political power grab uses to bully and attack political threats, misinform and confuse the public, and shape the social and economic policy dictating how you live your life.

      Thanks for your support,


    7. For a man If you lack looks money and status you are at the bottom of the dominance hierarchy which includes most men. women really only want the men in that top 20% this why you hear women complaining about the lack of availability of "good men". Women's entitlement has gone out of sight.

    8. This video might have changed my life for the better if I'd seen it in 1982. As it is, it's most of a lifetime too late.

    9. I agree with a lot of Jordan Peterson's opinions, but personally speaking, I would not want him as my therapist.

    10. So I just hit my woman around and I feel Better? OK thanks Peterson for speaking in riddles and nonsense for me to take what I want

    11. Depression has nothing to do with dominance hierarchy,what is this pseudo science that Jordan Peterson is peddling

    12. give me a break. the most happy people are simple and moral people who dont care about your " hierarchy " and dont care to psycho-analyze everything and everyone around them. Get off the opioids and alcohol.

    13. wow, i thought i was depressed, but ive just suffered a lot of loses & too many bad choices & bad life changes. loser sums it up well.

    14. Any tips to climbing up the dominance hierarchy? I legit don't get it, not as in it, but as in women. There's this guy at my work who is the biggest loser by any standard. He's the laziest worker. Just plays video games all day. Has a 2 DUI charges, that he brags about. I went to a party at his place (his mother's places) once, legit cheated on his
      attractive girlfriend only to be caught, then bragged about it after, and they got back together in one day. WTF. I don't understand people. It seems like the douchier you are the better you do at life.

    15. Hmm very interesting.  Never thought about separating the two.  I've felt down in the dumps for a while but don't believe I'm depressed. I've found an opportunity and recently dedicated myself to rising up the dominance hierarchy.  Hopefully this translates into a better mood.

    16. I'm at the bottom of the "Dominance Hierarchy", but thanks to this I am now also depressed.

    17. Adding JBP to the PJW interview with Andrew Tate, which covered basically this same topic, would have made it even better–something I almost didn't think could be possible. BTW, the five people who thumbed this video down are definitely at the bottom of the dominance hierarchy.

    18. Now when I come to think of it, my most depressing times were those low points of my life when I was pushed around by people, under a lot of stress, having nothing meaningful to strive for. That's what losers experience. I'm not clinically depressed at all.

    19. What if you don't want to be dominant though? Some people are submissive by nature- it makes them satisfied/happy. And some people don't give a shit either way.

    20. "Mom i'm depressed" "No honey you're just low on the dominance hierarchy" "Gee, thanks"

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