Jelly Legs, Weak or Wobbly Legs & Trouble Walking – Anxiety Symptoms 101

Have you ever had the feeling that your legs will not take you? Feel a weakness through your legs that seems to have accelerated.

Standing in a row in a supermarket, or standing talking to a neighbor, and all you can think about is how disconnected your legs feel from the rest of your body.

If you have it, you may experience a common symptom of anxiety that is often referred to as Jelly Legs.

Here we take a look at what may be causing this weakness in your legs while suffering from anxiety, and what you can do to try to alleviate the sensation.

This is part of our Anxiety Symptoms 101 video series where we offer some of our knowledge about the common symptoms of anxiety and panic disorder.

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Video credits to Anxiety United YouTube channel

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    Jelly Legs, Weak or Wobbly Legs & Trouble Walking – Anxiety Symptoms 101

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    1. This is what i experienced for almost 3 years. I want to free myself from this nuerological disorder.

    2. That’s so cool I thought something was wrong with my health and now I see it’s a common it’s all gonna be OK no matter what it is thank you for all your comments .Y’all keep your chin up it’s going to be OK no matter what

    3. I feel like i'm weak, like i have no power on my legs and feels like im dizzy and my eyesight feels like I just woke up and im sweating alot, or probably its just me and my anxiety about my pivate parts going into problems, and i think itll go worse, also I typed this while shaking.

      Edit: I also tried to run, and it didn't go well? well i was still able to run, but my legs felt like they need to rest, and I cant thank enough, for this video, who calmed me down and helped me : )

    4. I get jelly legs, sometimes I feel like the ground is gonna be ripped from underneath me. Which makes me dizzy. My trigger is when I feel like someone is looking at me longer than a friendly glance. It started when I use to be an alcoholic, the anxiety never left. Its been 6 years. Still struggling with this. Worst part of everyday is walking home from school. After that I have a hard time trying to leave the house to go visit.

    5. i have it really bad going to parties or social gathering, i have trouble walking and my arms feel like jello and my speech gets slurred! i have to leave the party early and go home and lie down for like 40 minutes.

    6. Help pls suffer with aniexty today my legs went weak!then i was going from side to side could not walk straight

    7. imagine bending over to pick something up and having your legs uncontrollably shake and you feel like your going to fall over so you have to stop what your doing or your legs are gonna give out

    8. ALL MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS! Stress and anxiety (fight or flight) burns up a TON of magnesium!! Fight or flight also causes blood to shunt away from the stomach and GI tract which slows digestion and causes poor nutrient absorption. Digestion is one of the LAST priorities when you're running from a bear or any other stressful event!!! You eventually end up with stomach inflammation and nutrient deficiencies which only exacerbate the problems and results in the body's inability to effectively deal with future stress events. If this problem continues on a chronic basis, your adrenal glands will eventually burn out and that's when your health REALLY begins to deteriorate and you become even sicker due to malabsorption and multiple nutrient deficiencies and hormone disruptions (the adrenals produce every steroid in the body). It's basically a catch 22.

    9. I find physical exercise helps a lot with this! The trick is getting into a habit of exercising, it will help stengthen your mind and does a great job of keeping these symptoms in check.

    10. My legs have been feeling really weak lately and I got really worried. This vid helped me. Thanks!

    11. I couldn't even participate well in gym because of this I mean
      I'm perfectly fine I don't really have anxiety, or anything bad maybe
      I just need to chill lately of too much excitement I tend to get really happy and COO COO
      when I'm in a really good mood, and I also think its because I'm not getting long enough sleep to
      physically get ready for the day xD

    12. Does anyone else get to where your leg locks up and you cannot get yourself to walk because it cause that rush of anxiety? Or a leg twitch that gives you anxiety? I’ve had this for 10 years now and it’s ruined my daily life

    13. Anxiety destroyed my life
      General weakness
      Legs pain
      Neck and back pain
      Weight loss
      Muscles tension
      Eyes problems
      Chest pain
      High blood pressure

      Anxiety worse than cancer

    14. I feel weak and dizziness without any bacterial in my blood…that's why i came here.any home remedies for me,?legs and hands can't even stand for a long time.

    15. this was completley useles, the most common basic info and no help really a wasted time.

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