Is It Possible To Relapse With Depression?? Twitter Thursday!! #KatiFAQ

Is it possible to relapse with depression? Twitter on Thursday! #KatiFAQ
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1. My opinion on EMDR?

2. katifaq Is it possible to relapse with depression? I have been good and I have progressed a lot, but suddenly my depression becomes strong. I really do not understand. I do not want to go back. I have too many things for that …

3. Why do we need attachments? I find them frightening and painful, but my counselor says I need them. I just do not understand why.

4. My family does not seem to understand my chronic diseases. How can I explain it better? I also feel loose when my symptoms burst. How do I fight?

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    Is It Possible To Relapse With Depression?? Twitter Thursday!! #KatiFAQ

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    1. If there's one thing I've learned about depression, it's that I've you ever get one, than that beast is forever ready to devour you. If you escape from its clutches, make sure that your health is forever!!!! your priority!!

    2. I don't think you have done a video on this- have you ever given therapy to the perpetrator/ abuser rather than the victim? How has this been?

    3. I think I'm falling back in to it. It's been like this for about two weeks just feeling sad/ not good enough. Not suicide/thoughts at all though. Idk why I'm feeling down

    4. What I learned from going through my storm is that doctors, psychiatrists , and therapists are the best protection. People like Kati are highly trained individuals and you should share all your problems with them for them to find the best solution, the longer you hide things the worst they get, also make sure you sign wavers that can allow your therapist to talk to your GP or psychiatrists. If it wasn't for that one letter my therapist send to my doctor about her diagnosis of my psychosis I would be in a very different place right now. Trust the professionals, do what they say even if it doesn't make sense to you right away.

    5. is it normal to go back to a depressed mood after about 2 weeks of getting out of it? I seem to go through an episode of depression and feel better for a week or 2 but thenough go back to the depressed mood? is this normal?

    6. I have gotten off my anti depressants. i feel like I'm relasping some. i went cold turkey. could this cause it?

    7. EMDR has been a immensely helpful aid in my PTSD recovery. There was a certain point when I used all the tools I had to cope with my symptoms, & they just weren't enough. EMDR gave me the hope of recovery instead of just survival. My therapist specializes in this type of therapy with anxiety and trauma. She uses the "tapper" technique, I hold paddles in each hand as they vibrate back and forth while I think about a trigger, memory, or negative thought my therapist & I discuss beforehand. We talk about any emotions, thoughts, or revelations that bubble up. It can be incredibly awkward to be that vulnerable, feeling all the feelings, but a good therapist knows when to take a break, & how to make it as comfortable a process as possible. I would recommend giving this type of therapy a try, however, I think you need a therapist who truly understands how this therapy works & has experience facilitating it.

    8. #KATIFAQ Hey Kati my question is how do u deal with insensitive comments from hospital staff?  I was admitted to hospital last week with pancreatitis and acute renal failure they query partly related to ED.  the nurse said, "well you seem to be doing well, I mean u must have gained weight", she had asked me nothing, then the same night the doc was telling me the pancreatitis and renal damage could be related to my anorexia.  All I can think about is what the nurse said, I know I should be scared hearing renal damage blah blah blah but all I can think about is her comment.  please help!

    9. #katifaq  Is it possible for your body to stop responding to antidepressants altogether? My prior antidepressant stopped working and caused me to relapse badly more than once, I got a new one and this one helped a lot but now after about 6 months or so, I am starting to feel more depressed again, I am scared that the same thing will happen again and I won't find one that works for me.

    10. I don't want to be on antidepressants forever but I'm scared that I will relapse if I get off them. Can you ever have children if you are on antidepressants? Also, I was wondering if you ever plan on having children. 

    11. Hi kati can i message you privately? I want to make a list of things to tell my gp about my eating but im too scared to say it in person, can i message you the list? thanks for the video

    12. Yes Kati, Is right PLEASE talk to your doctor before coming off your anti-depressants as I didn't and I became very depressed very quickly. (Back on them now) I thought I was better off without but realised they were the reason I was able to function and kept me on the road to Recovery!!!

    13. Yes, there are absolutely times when your Depression will come back and hit you like a sack of bricks n potatoes. What I have learned to do to help alleviate some of it is to go walking for long distances with headphones, ride my bike and to stay as physically active as I can with out pushing my self too hard. It actually works – at least for me. Vlogging and making Mental Health Music Videos to my favorite songs on my channel have really been a huge life saver right along with talking about what's bothering me with Therapist or a loved one. BTW Kati I did go ahead as you suggested and tell my therapist that I'd like to begin addressing some of the tougher issues I've had regarding trauma etc. We start this upcoming week. Yahoo!
      Thanks – Kisses N Hugs, Miguel! #KatiMortonRocks 🙂  

    14. My psychologist tried EMDR for about 5 minutes and stopped. She asked me questions while she did it and I just went completely freaked me out as I could see I would be more likely to talk more openly if I was distracted by following her finger so I didnt speak at all. She then tried tapping my arm gently but that was worse. We just finished doing a combination of cbt style work . I didn't feel better with cbt much but i did gain invaluable self awareness. I cannot stress enough how self awareness is key to mental health..might make a video on that…never made one before..

    15. I didn't find emdr helpful. I didn't feel very comfortable talking to the therapist while moving my eyes about. It was distracting plus it made it feel too kind of like a mechaical exercise bc she seemed more focused on my eye movements than on me and my words, which is a strange kind of scenario to talk in, especially when talking about a trauma. I guess it seemed like she wasnt fully listening, which was kind of hurtful and discouraging even though i knew why. It made me clam up and it felt almost mechanical and clinical and i shut off and just detached myself, so it didnt really do anything for me. Maybe it was just that particular therapist that i didnt fit with idk but i didnt feel like it was something i wanted to try again particularly.

    16. I live in NJ and so its 2 am, and I couldn't sleep because 3 of my favorite youtubers were hitting major subscriber amounts. lol

    17. I have to ask am I the only one to ask about the blinds or picture behind you?? It pulls my attention and I felt bad about that, I've seen it before.

    18. Kati how do I try to stay stress free? I have been missing a lot of school because I am sick and I'm just stressed out because I feel like I'm missing out too much and I feel like I have way too much work to do. I'm just stressing too much so if could answer with some tips it will be appreciated.

    19. I have tried EMDR, and I personally didn't like it. I felt very uncomfortable sitting there moving my eyes back and forth while trying to "process" my trauma. First of all, the eye movements are very distracting when I am trying to think about what has happened to me, and the therapist I was doing this with only wanted me to talk after a few minutes of eye movement. It was very strange and I'd never do it again, but that is just my opinion.

    20. Re Journal Topic: I am learning that I do need people in my life. I tend to isolate myself, and even though it's scary I've planned to hang out with a long lost friend this weekend. Wish me luck!

    21. Kati is it possible to have relapses with bipolar disorder… before i stopped taking my medication without permission( huge mistake) my moods were everywhere once in awhile… but I thought it was impossible to be because of my bipolar disorder since i'm on medication. So is it possible to still have episodes even though you're on medication?

    22. I have such a hard time with phrases like "letting people in" and "letting your guard down" and things like that because nobody can tell me what they mean.  I think that I'm someone who likes to have a formula, a specific plan of attack to get where I need to be.  But I don't think that relationships work that way so I feel stuck and completely inadequate socially.  If I knew HOW to let people in I think I would.  If I knew HOW to let my guard down I think I would.  It's like trying to reach a new destination without a map and I not only feel lost, but also like it's dark and I'm running out of gas.

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