Inside HMP Isis Talking About What Is Depression and Anxiety – Part 2 Prison Vlog-Rock Solid Health

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Within HMP, Isis is talking about what depression and anxiety is – Part 2 Prison Vlog – Rock Solid

What is depression and anxiety and how do you manage it?

This vlog was a 40-minute MONSTER. So I've divided this into 5 parts for you.

I have lived with Bi Polar and with OCD for most of my childhood and adult life.

I have been thinking about highs and lows.

But in spite of everything, I speak openly about mental health because we never want anyone to be alone with this.

On February 1, 2018, the Governors of HMP ISIS asked us to speak with staff and inmates about mental health.

Well what and honor right there!

We gathered something, went to the prison and talked to them about the 2 main problems we face every day.

Depression and anxiety

The information we gave to the boys in prison was specific to their situations.

Be a prison offer AND be a prisoner trapped inside a cell.

In these 5 vlogs part I will go into details with you about


What they are
How do you "get them"?
What are the symptoms, both physical and mental?

We talk about the 3 A


In Part 1 we will explain why we are so qualified to speak in prison. What we will talk about And also some of our stories.

In Part 2 we will be inside the prison and we will tell you how you are doing. Baz will also tell you some stories about what it was like to work in a prison and we will tell you what we DID and talk about the first time I had symptoms of depression.

In part 3 we go into depression. What is it? What are the physical and mental symptoms. When do you get help and what kind of depression are there?

In Part 4 we delve into the anxiety and ask all the questions we asked for depression. We will also see what anxiety really is and when to get help.

Then, in Part 5, I will give you some tools that I use and give to my clients AND what we gave to the staff and prisoners of HMP ISIS.

If you have any questions please send us an email

[email protected]


L & B


We have a spirit of "mind" healthy "body" and vice versa.

We love talking about all things about mental health and fitness.

Our channel is more about this … and also a look at our struggles in life with our own mentalities … including Loz Bi Polar and OCD and Baz has her supportive husband.

We experience … we learn and then we give back!

Our channel gives you fragments of our lives and the trips of our clients along their way to really live the life they want, to free themselves from the prison of their bodies and minds … again, we know that sounds incredible, but It is what it is!

Ultimately, we LOVE to help transform people's bodies, minds and lifestyles so that they are healthy, abundant and full … I know it sounds corny, but we do.

We will show you exercises, talk about mental power and mental focus and give you advice on nutrition.

We believe that if you change your MIND the rest will follow you.

Are you ready for a ONLY ROCK, mind and body?

We would love to see more of you!

Come find us …




Free group on Facebook (we have some interesting things to give there)

We have a FREE 7-day online training program called F7 … it's a pretty big thing … it will help motivate you to get back to fitness by understanding 2 things …

1. Why can not you start?
2. Why can not you stick to it?

You can sign up here!

P. S, we only run at certain times of the year, so this is a waiting list!

Ciao for now!

Video credits to Rock Solid Health YouTube channel

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Inside HMP Isis Talking About What Is Depression and Anxiety – Part 2 Prison Vlog-Rock Solid Health

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