I’m Here To Help | Depression Comfort Roleplay (My Story) (Positive Affirmations) (Best Friend)

This video darkens very fast. In it I share my personal experience with depression in a role format, along with a positive affirmation. All this is true. Not based on a true story, all this happened.
To anyone who is watching a depression, or even just feeling a little sad; you're not alone. If there is something you need to say, say so in the comments and I will respond as soon as I can.

Thanks for watching, beautiful guys.

Video credits to Sanctuary Audio YouTube channel

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    I’m Here To Help | Depression Comfort Roleplay (My Story) (Positive Affirmations) (Best Friend)

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    1. I know this is kinda an old video, but I really needed this. It's been a rough year for me mentally, and I am trying to fight being suicidal. But even though I didn't find this when I needed it urgently, I still needed it now. If anyone wants to talk, I can listen- it actually helps me get my mind off my own problems, and I've been dealing with this for ten out of my sixteen years. I won't judge you:) my insta is grey_roscoe

    2. This might be just a video and not an actual person with me but… When he said he'll stay, it made me tear up… No one has ever said that when I needed it… It felt so good to hear those words, thanks for this, really.

    3. I understand about deppersion it's very hard so I know how it feels its so hard love this your so sweet hugs to you

    4. Woah….I never thought this would impact me this big. I have depression but i've never went to a doctor or told my parents. Only few people know but I do believe i have it. I think it started from the bullying in 2010 onwards. I still kinds do but i also think it's just me being a negative being always thinking the worst, having people leave me i don't know… but this comforted me. Thank you

    5. I wonder a lot about how depression comes about. So many others ive seen in such deep pits. I havent gone through something nearly as bad, but id like to believe i can understand it at least. I just dont know exactly how its so common

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